The best napkins for everyday use

Add a thoughtful touch to your guest bathrooms and bedrooms with convenient paper napkins. These are the details that make your hotel or Airbnb guests feel pampered and leave great reviews.

If there’s one thing that all workplaces have in common, it’s the need for paper napkins. Whether staff uses them to hold cold drinks or clean up after their lunch break, these handy must-haves are ideal for everyday office use. Let’s take a look at our favorites.

BloominGoods Disposable Napkins

Best Multipurpose

If you are looking for a versatile option, the BloominGoods Disposable Napkins are a great choice. With 200 premium quality units per package, ithey are ideal for all your special event needs. The linen-like feel gives them a luxurious quality at a budget price. A great way to keep guests happy and clean. You can also use them as paper or bathroom towels.

Perfect Stix White Napkins

Best 2-Ply

The Perfect Stix White Napkins are the perfect solution for everyday use. The 2-ply design is super resistant and has a soft touch your guests and workforce will love. Specially designed for restaurant settings, buffet lines or catered events, this napkin is a premium product of superior quality.

Vanity Fair Everday Napkins

Best Durability

For everyday office use, the Vanity Fair Everyday Napkins are the perfect elegant touch. Your team will appreciate these 2-ply kitchen essentials after their lunch or coffee break. Keep your staff looking clean and happy with these soft yet strong paper napkins.

Special events, offices, and weekend getaways are not the same without handy paper napkins. Whether you use cocktail or linen napkins, these convenient disposables make life easier. The items on our list are the helpful detail that make all the difference when you need it most.