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The best outdoor 100 ft extension cords for outdoor jobs

There are three factors you need to consider when choosing an extension cord. One is power and safety. How do you know that your cord has power? Two of the cables we’ve selected have lighted ends to show you when they are plugged in or safely unplugged.

Another factor is durability. All three cords we chose have reinforced blades to prevent accidental bending or breaking of the power prongs. Whether you’re looking for the most durable, the easiest to store, or the most visible cord, we have a product for you.

What kind of extension cord do you need? You know you need it to be at least 100 feet, but there are thousands of different cords to choose from. A thicker cable is usually better, as the devices that need more power need larger wires inside, and you still want that weather and durability protection.

Iron Forge Cable Outdoor Extension Cord

Best Extension Cord

Iron Forge Cables are durable to handle any job. With 12-gauge heavy-duty wire, 15 amp, and 1,875-watt power, this cord is designed for every job you might have. The lighted LED socket lights up to show you when the power is on. A fluorescent yellow cable that is slip-resistant and waterproof is ready to tackle your outdoor power needs.

With reinforced prong blades and 100 feet, this cord is built for your electric lawnmower or your pool cleaner; this cord can stay outside year-round. It's built to resist snow, rain, and the summer heat.

Southwire 100 ft Heavy Duty Outdoor Cord

Best Durable Cord

When you need an extension cord that will stand up to years of use, consider the Southwire Outdoor Cord. It has all of the features you look for in other cables, fluorescent color to avoid trip hazards, and an LED socket that lights up to indicate the power is active.

You can buy American-made products by supporting Southwire and know you are getting a UL Listed product. The bright vinyl wire casing does more than just reflect light. It's thick enough to resist fraying, moisture, and sun exposure.

Coleman Cable 100 Ft Heavy Duty Extension Cord Plus Wind Up Reel

Best Cord With Wind-up Reel

From the brand you trust, Coleman has a cable bundle heavy-duty extension cord with a wind-up reel to keep the line untangled and out of the way until you need it. Whether you are powering your shop vac, weed whacker, bush trimmer, leaf blower, or electric lawnmower, this durable extension cord has you covered.

The included storage wheel can store up to 150 feet of extension cords, holiday lights, or garden hose. This solves the issue of tangled, knotted cords. When you have 100 feet of extension cord, you want to store it in a way that makes it easy to use when you pull it out again.

Whether you need to clean out your car or power your landscaping tools, be sure you look for an extension cord that will exceed your needs. Whether it’s ability to handle the elements, durability, or a recognized safety rating, we have the cord for you.