The best outdoor extension cords to help power your tools

Powering heaters or lighting outdoor areas can be challenging. To keep a comfortable temperature and illuminate your outside work area, you need top-of-the-line multi outlet outdoor extension cords with high capacity and long durability. Job after job, these extension cords will deliver the power you need to work anywhere.

Gardening projects and car repair jobs require long extension cords for outdoor use. When weather resistance is a concern, you need the right combination of performance and security. Our favorite outdoor multioutlet extension cords deliver that and more. Let’s take a look at the best outdoor extension cords so you can focus on the task at hand and get the job done safely.

Woods 50-Foot Outdoor Extension Cord

Best Overall

Venture to work outside with the Woods 50-Foot Outdoor Extension Cord. With an oil-resistant thick vinyl jacket, your electrical connection stays protected from the elements. Add 50 feet of power to all types of tools with this 15-amp, 125-volt, 1,875-watt extension cord that’s durable and weather-proof. Its flexible design stays tangle-free even under extreme cold conditions, so you can always move it around easily and store it when the job is done.

Southwire 40-Amp Extension Cord

Best Heavy Duty

With the Southwire 40-Amp Extension Cord, you increase the reach of your electric outlet with heavy-duty performance. The eight-gauge jacket in this extension cord offers security and convenience for any outdoor job site. Its lighted receptacle end lets you know when the power is on, so you can safely plug in your tools and get to work. Its bright blue color makes it easy to spot, so you can find it quickly any time you need an outdoor electrical connection.

Iron Forge Cable Lighted Extension

Best for Yard Work

Thermoplastic insulation makes the Iron Forge Cable Lighted Extension a gardener’s best friend. This hard service cord is all you need to power electric yard tools with confidence and reliability. Its weather-resistant build makes it safe and durable for outdoor use, while it provides 25 feet of power extension. Use it indoors or outside, for convenience at any worksite.

The outdoor extension cords on our list make your professional equipment portable and more versatile. These weather-resistant work tools are essential for a variety of gear or job sites that require outside labor. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense solution that lets you extend electrical power outdoors and withstands the elements, these are the reliable extension cords for you.