The best padded envelopes so your items won’t get damaged

You can make sending letters so much more efficient and effective with padded envelopes. They are not only fast but also affordable and reliable. A padded envelope helps you feel secure knowing your items are being protected during shipping. Check out some of the best padded envelopes for your next shipping endeavor.

Padded envelopes can be a lifesaver for any business. Any time you need to ship out a fragile item, a padded envelope will be your best friend. It is important to find an envelope that is padded with bubble wrap to protect objects inside. Padded envelopes can also prevent tearing or wrinkling of important documents.

FUXURY FU GLOBAL Padded Envelopes

Best with Recycled Paper

These 6×10 envelopes come in a pack of 25 and have a classic, orange tint on the outside. The outside of these envelopes is paper with a bubble-wrapped interior. These envelopes also feature a self-sealing closure.

Fu Global Poly Bubble Mailers

Best Water Resistance

These 8.5×12 inch poly bubble envelopes come in a pack of 25. These padded envelopes are lightweight to keep shipping costs low and are available in a fun pink color.

UCGOU Teal Poly Bubble Mailers

Most Colorful

Vibrant and fun, these mailers are 6×10 and come in packs of 25. They have a smooth exterior for writing the address. These padded envelopes can save you money on shipping thanks to their lightweight design. They are also water resistant.

Padded envelopes are perfect for shipping fragile documents or items with the confidence they will be received intact. Items will stay clean and customers will be happy knowing their products are in good hands. Padded envelopes have all the benefits of regular envelopes but with added protection. You will be impressed with the efficiency a padded envelope can bring to your shipping.