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The best pegboard shelves to help organize your workstation

Pegboards are useful to hang containers like bins and wire baskets to host your tools. The bins and wire baskets are built to easily hook onto pegboards or slat walls, and the wire basket makes them easily visible. The pegboard, bins, and wire basket can be easily installed and built to stay in place for years to come.

With the right organizational items, you won’t have to worry about scrambling for a tool or component and holding a project back, or spending money on replacing lost items. Our top picks for pegboards, bins, and baskets will make sure you stay organized on the job.

Wall Control Pegboard Organizer Wall

Best Pegboard Kit

The Wall Control Pegboard Organizer metal pegboard offers over 10.5 square feet and a total tool storage area of 48 inches by 32 inches. It’s built for add-ons like more pegboard, additional hooks, shelves, brackets, paper towel holders, and spray can holders. It accepts conventional ¼ inch pegboard pegs in addition to more secure slotted pegs to store a broad variety of tools. The slotted tool board hooks improve hook security and more hassle-free storage.

The pegboard is made from heavy-duty steel and metal that has been proven to be 10 times stronger than the conventional pegboard. It will not warp, fray, or crack. The pegboard has an attractive, magnetic, and durable powder-coated finish. It offers easy installation and can be installed in minutes.

Right Arrange Pegboard Bins

Best Bin Option

These Pegboard Bins make sure your tools stay in place and organized. The bins are 3.5 inches and are available in a set of 12. They can fit any pegboard, metal and nonmetal. The bin’s metal hook attachments offer for a strong hold with pegboards that have hole diameters of ¼ inch thick or less.

Spectrum Diversified Medium Wire Basket

Best Wire Option

The Spectrum Diversified Medium Wire Basket has well-designed hooks to hang from pegboards or slat walls. The hooks are created for ¼-inch pegboard with holes spaced 1 inch apart, center to center. The basket is made of sturdy steel and can be installed in seconds on a pegboard. It also comes with optional holes for mounting the organizer.

Don’t let a second go to waste on your construction job or spend unnecessarily on replacing missing tools. The right pegboard shelf and components keep you organized and efficient by allowing you to easily access to all of your tools.