The best plastic sheeting for mess-free home renovations

Appliances and furniture can also get damaged when you’re painting walls. Use plastic sheeting to cover them up and avoid moving heavy items while you give walls a fresh coat of paint.

If you’ve a painting contractor, you know firsthand how quickly things can get messy. Plastic sheeting is the best way to avoid paint on the ground and keep things neat. Let’s take a look at our favorite protective covers to safeguard flooring while you paint the walls.

Super Strength High Density Drop Cloths by Frost King

Best Overall

Made from durable plastic, the Super Strength High Density Drop Cloths by Frost King are ideal for painting, storage, and covering of appliances. This large roll allows you to cut protective sheets to your preferred length to care for floors or furniture of any size. The clear plastic material allows you to position it perfectly and provides visibility underneath.

PlazMask Pre-Taped Masking Film

Best Pre-Taped

Avoid the inconvenience of taping down plastic sheeting with the PlazMask Pre-Taped Masking Film. Made of premium plastic and high tack tape, this protective film is lightweight and tear resistant. It features integrated static that clings to surfaces for better protection and coverage.

Wrap Brothers Clear Plastic Sheeting

Best Value

The Wrap Brothers Clear Plastic Sheeting is a set of two rolls that offers a total coverage of up to 50 feet in length. This heavy-duty plastic sheeting is all you need to tackle large jobs at a low cost. Made from moisture-proof material that is long-lasting, you can use this semi-transparent product for multiple projects that require strong protective coverage. So useful, you’ll find even more applications for it once you see how well it works.

Plastic sheeting is a useful material that is essential for many professional repair projects. Whether you’re painting a wall, doing a major renovation, or storing items, this protective coverage avoids damages to floors and furnishings. The items on our list offer long-lasting protection and strength so you can work without worrying about collateral damage.