The best portable fans to stave away the heat

Working time is important for portable fans with batteries. If you’re looking for a small portable fan that works as hard as you do, we’ve got you covered. The pocket-size devices on our list offer long-lasting battery life so you feel fresh in the office, at the restaurant, or while you drive.

Taking freshness with you is easy. Our favorite portable rechargeable fans are light and compact, so taking them with you is a no-brainer. When the temperature starts rising, you and your personal cooling device will be attached at the hip. There’s no greater convenience than keeping a comfortable temperature when you’re at the job site, outdoors or at your desk.

EasyAcc Personal Cooling Fan With Rechargeable Battery

Best Portable Fan Overall

The EasyAcc Personal Cooling Fan is a rechargeable solution to beat the heat everywhere you go. With the push of a button, this powerful tool offers three speed levels and long-lasting operation. It delivers up to 10 hours of wireless working time on a full charge. This durable small fan also works while plugged in to your computer or other USB charger. When the office is getting stuffy, just take your laptop and fan outdoors and enjoy some fresh air while you stay productive.

Jowxi USB Rechargeable Neckband Fan

Best Portable Neck Fan

If you’ve ever wished for a personal fan while you have your hands full, it’s time to stop wishing. The Jowxi USB Rechargeable Neckband Fan works around your neck or on top of a table, to keep you cool while you type, cook, or assemble furniture. With three adjustable speeds, this wearable cooling solution is the ingenious portable fan for your active lifestyle. Its quiet operation won’t disturb you while you work. It’s perfect for tight spaces where a full-size fan doesn’t fit but you still need to cool off.

OPOLAR Handheld Battery-Operated Face Fan

Best Long Lasting

Don’t let the heat stop you from getting the job done. The OPOLAR Handheld Battery-Operated Face Fan lasts as long as your most demanding projects, keeping you comfy and helping you work diligently for up to 11 hours. All-day coolness is possible with this rechargeable device that ensures powerful airflow in any location. It’s compact enough to fit in your toolbox or keep at your work bench. When you’re on the go, clip it to your pants and pull it out when things get heated.

There’s no need to endure uncomfortable heat with the best mini portable fans on our list. They’re a must-have for professionals on the go as well as office workers who want to stay cool and keep their computers at a safe temperature. Keep these versatile and compact tools handy because you never know when you’ll need a breath of fresh air.