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The best retractable extension cord reels for your car shop

Your power cords get trampled on throughout the day, which leaves them damaged and unusable. With retractable extension cord reels, you’re keeping cords safe and preventing hazardous work slips, too. We’ve detailed the best cord reels here to keep your workspace safe.

A self-retracting extension cord reel emulates a garden hose reel with the same mechanism. Instead of wrapping the long cord manually around the spool, the reel pulls the cord back without knotting. You can mount the typical reel onto a wall, ceiling, or another surface, though hardware differs across brands.

Cords are measured by gauge, which indicates how thick the electrical copper wire is and dictates what power tools it accepts. For reference, a 12-gauge retractable extension cord reel can power tools with 10 to 15 amp requirements. Additionally, different cords are available in varying length with an average of 40 feet. Let’s see which product works for you.

Iron Forge Cable – Retractable Extension Cord Reel With 3 Electrical Power Outlets

Best Overall

Safe and convenient with a lifetime replacement warranty, this reel from Iron Forge is our best overall choice. The 16-gauge, 30-foot wire is safe to use with tools that use a single or combined total of 10 amps. Power three tools at once with the practical three-outlet extension, and mount onto any ceiling or stable surface with the supplied mounting bracket. The slip- and water-resistant vinyl cord cover prevents workplace accidents.

Bayco Retractable Metal Cord Reel With 3 Outlets – 30 Foot

Best Easy to Use Reel

Bayco’s reel is the easiest model to use by our standards, thanks to a user-friendly LED status light on the cord outlet, and included mounting brackets. The 30-foot cord is also available in a double, triple, or quadruple pack, which makes this a good-value buy for larger repair shops that need multiple power sources. A single cord includes three separate outlets for various tools up to 10 amps.

CopperPeak 50 ft Retractable Extension Cord Reel

Best Mountable Reel

CopperPeak’s cord is celebrated for its convenient mountable feature, keeping cords out of your way. Install on your ceiling or wall, and enjoy the 180-degree swivel that lets you access your tools from tricky locations. A protective reset button prevents power blowouts and outlet frying, while the tough polypropylene reel case keeps off oil and grease.

Retractable cord reels are essential to an auto shop’s smooth operation, powering various tools that need to drop down from the ceiling and be kept out of the way. While most reels are compatible with common tools in the trade, always make sure the cord gauge matches your intended use. If you’re after an outdoor retractable extension cord reel, opt for models with weatherproof bodies. Luckily for you, we’ve discovered different cords that are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use here.