The best shipping envelopes for worry-free parcel mailing

Not all shipping envelopes are made equal, though. You want to make sure you get one that has durable closures, that’s puncture-resistant, and that’s thick enough to survive the shipping process. We’ve found the best shipping envelopes for you.

If you’re running your own business or Etsy store, you already know how important shipping is. And if you’re ordering stuff online, you already know you might need to return something you don’t like or doesn’t fit. That’s when having a strong, secure envelope makes a real difference.

Metronic White Poly Mailers

Best Value

These 10×13 mailers are great for softer items like clothes as well as documents and photos. The plastic material is thin, so it's easy to fit any items with unconventional shapes. That makes it easy to use these for jewelry or custom artwork. They're also very secure and durable.

AmazonBasics Catalog Mailing Envelopes

Best Overall

These mailing envelopes are very straightforward. They're made from brown kraft material that provide durability and strength. Their design makes them perfect for documents and photos. The closure is easy to use and requires no moisture or extra glue, saving you time and money.

Metronic Light Purple Poly Mailer

Best for Large Packages

If you need to send bigger items, these are the envelopes for you. At 12×15.5 inches, these envelopes are large and flexible enough to cover a lot of ground. They're durable but also thin, so they are perfect for larger clothing items like sweaters, but also for larger art pieces or pottery. They're also lightweight and self-sealing.

Whether you’re shipping a lot of product as a small Etsy store or home business, or sending out a lot of documents and brochures, having an ample supply of secure envelopes is important. We recommend getting a Sharpie pen for addresses and writing them out on a flat surface before putting in the items and sealing the envelope. And don’t forget to get stamps.