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The best socket holders to keep your tools organized

Another thing you need to consider is the ease of use with your socket holder. Do you want them magnetically stuck to the tray, or do you need them to slide off easily? How strong does your socket sorting tray need to be? Will it be in a tool drawer until you need it, or is it rattling around in the back of your truck? You want to choose a socket sorter strong enough to last several years, but you don’t need it to be titanium, either.

There are several factors you need to consider when choosing a socket holder: storage capacity, mounting ability, and portability. Do you need storage for Society of Automotive Engineers or MM sockets or both? Do you prefer to keep your sockets snapped into a carrying case, on display for easy access, or on the wall, out of the way until you need them?

Olsa Tools Socket Organizer Trays

Best Socket Holder

The Olsa Tools socket organizer tray is your go-to for wall mounted storage. With rubber end caps and mounting brackets, this set comes ready to post to any of the walls or pegboards in your garage. It's easily customizable with removable locking plastic end caps and removable socket clips. This means you can rearrange your setup to fit more or fewer sockets on each row.

This is also the socket sorter for you if you have a large variety of SAE sockets. It holds up to 58 sockets, 24 of ¼-inch clips, 18 of 3/8-inch clips, and 16 of ½-inch clips. Its heavy-duty construction is made of anodized aluminum rails and impact-resistant ABS clips with steel ball ratings.

Hansen Global – SAE & Metric, 2-Row Socket Tray

Best for Socket Organization

The Hansen global six-piece socket tray organizes every socket you may need. It has both SAE and MM socket sizes, which are sorted by color to keep the systems separate. The dimensions are clearly marked at the top of each holder, so you always know where your 3/8-inch socket is. Made from tough ABS plastic, these trays resist gas, oil, and physical abuse.

If you are working on projects in your garage and need a handy place to store your sockets that is easy to read and quickly available, this is the set for you.

ARES – Green 26-Piece ¼-Inch SAE Magnetic Socket Organizer

Best Magnetic Socket Holder

This magnetic SAE socket sorter has the best of both worlds. You have magnetic socket holders to keep all of your sockets together, but it also comes in a convenient stand so it can sit on your workbench or next to you under the hood.

It's constructed of high-impact plastic for heavy use and comes with a soft rubberized covering over the tray's bottom to prevent damage to surfaces.

In the end, your socket sorter has one main purpose: to keep you from losing sockets or not being able to find the one you need at the right time. Only you know when you need your sockets. What is most important? Is it clear labels and color-coding to tell your SAE and MM sockets apart? Is it keeping your sockets safe from rust and corrosion? Or is it being able to transport all your sockets without them getting jumbled on the way to your next job? Whatever you choose, make sure you are getting the right socket organizer for you.