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The best socket shelf outlets for public charging stations

Commercial kitchens, coffee shops and offices always need extra outlets. With our favorite socket shelf outlets, you can plug in multiple devices and enhance the productivity of your team. No need for expensive electrical installations with these stable and easy-to-use solutions that fix your outlet shortage in seconds.

With USB and electric ports, socket shelf outlets are the convenient charging solution for a modern lifestyle. Use them in small spaces to create extra space and organization where you need it most. Whether you’re looking for permanent mounting or a portable wall outlet, we’ve chosen the best socket shelf outlets to expand your electric capabilities and keep a tidy space. Check out our top choices.

Allstar Innovations Socket Shelf

Best Overall

With six outlet extenders and two USB charging ports, the Allstar Innovations Socket Shelf is a removable device that triples your power. Use its built-in shelf to place your handheld devices while they charge safely. Thanks to its built-in 1000 Joule Surge Protection, this multifunctional socket shelf turns cluttered cables into an organized charging station.

VICOUP Socket Shelf Outlet Extender

Best Value

Add six AC outlets and three USB ports to your charging station with the VICOUP Socket Shelf Outlet Extender. This sturdy solution features an optional mounting screw and stabilization rod that keep the wall socket firmly in place. The light indicator lets you know that your devices are protected against electrical spikes, while the fire-resistant ABS shell improves the product’s durability and safety. The smart IC USB technology in this product automatically recognizes your device to charge it with the appropriate current. Its built-in short-circuit, over-voltage and over-current protection ensure the safest use of this socket shelf outlet extender.

ON2NO Socket Shelf Outlet

Best for Versatility

Whether your outlets are vertical or horizontal, the ON2NO Socket Shelf Outlet is the ingenious and versatile solution for your charging needs. It adds three AC outlets and three USB ports to your station, along with a smart dusk night light that offers glare-free brightness with automatic or manual operation. The power switch protects your equipment and provides overload security without unplugging. With built-in voltage sensing, this charging station detects your power needs to keep your devices safe.

The need for extended charging power is real. With the practical gadgets on our list, you can provide your business and customers with the convenience of a charging station that also holds devices safely. These easy-to-use and reliable solutions are the answer to a modern-day necessity without any expensive installation costs. Our top picks provide the immediate solution you’ve been looking for to increase your charging capabilities and keep spaces organized.