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The best solder wires for your electronic repairs

Inside every solder is a material called flux which helps improve the electrical contact and mechanical strength of the solder. This flux can either be rosin or acid core. While rosin core contains mild flux suitable for most electrical soldering, acid core should not be used on your electronics as it contains an aggressive type of flux that will damage your circuits and components. It’s more ideal for plumbing and metal work. So, before you settle for a choice, make sure you clearly identify what soldering job you want it for.

These are the main factors you will need to consider before you decide the best fit for your home improvement needs. We’ve got you covered with a list of the best that will serve you well.

You may have noticed (or not) that certain solders have peculiar features and work better on some jobs than others. Tantamount to an excellent soldering job is mastering what solder best fits a job at hand, be it plumbing or electrical.

MAIYUM Rosin Core Solder Wire

Best Solder Wire Overall

MAIYUM Rosin Core Solder Wire is a high quality rosin core solder wire with a gross weight of 50 grams (0.11lbs), a good size for your pocket. With a simple 361F melting point, you can be sure of easy solders into the PCB boards.

Kester Solder Pocket Pack

Best Budget Solder Wire

Kester Pocket Pack Solder is a 0.031” diameter steel-based solder with a 60/40 conductivity. It is super lightweight (0.16ounces) with a fast-melting Rosin Core Flux.

WYCTIN Rosin Core Solder Wire

Best for Reliability

This solder features a Rosin Core Flux content of 1.8%. With a blend of tin and lead, it melts easily producing a durable and highly conductive solder.

For flawless soldering work, it’s vital to use soldering wire that fits the peculiarity of the job at hand. With a variant in diameter, flux and composition, it’s smart to invest in solders to meet your plumbing, electrical and steelwork needs.