The best squeegees for a squeaky clean finish with only soap and water

Squeegees are a key tool for keeping cleaning time to a minimum. Using one every day in high traffic areas is the best way to keep showers, bathrooms, and floors from turning into tougher tasks later.

Squeegees can be used for a multitude of jobs — from floors to windows to shower doors and walls. Your home isn’t the only place where a squeegee is useful. Even outside squeegees have a place, like in your car. No longer will you have to rely on the brown water-soaked gas station squeegees when you can use your own fresh one.

Regardless of where and how you use a squeegee, you can find one that suits your cleaning style and decor.

HIWARE All-Purpose Shower Squeegee

Best Overall

Looking for the best all-purpose squeegee? The Hiware is a great option for shower doors, windows, tile, mirrors, and the bathroom — any area that can be cleaned by liquids. This attractive product comes in three colors to match any decor and has a hanging system with waterproof adhesive hooks, so you can place it where it is most convenient for daily use.

Use this product with any household cleaner to remove stubborn soap scum, limescale, and greasy residue.

Desired Tools Squeegee

Most Portable

Squeegees aren't just for shower walls and doors. They can clean virtually any hard surface, indoors or out. With this lightweight, portable option, you can store your squeegee in an RVs, vacation home, camping bag, or the glove box of your car for on-the-go cleaning.

The product comes with three dual-edge, 8-inch blades (which is equal to six squeegees). The non-slip handle and flexible silicone blades make getting a streak-free surface a cinch.

Unger Professional Window Cleaning Tool

Best for Windows

There's a reason that professional commercial window washers wield squeegees like weapons when they tackle large glass surfaces of buildings. To combat residue, pollutants, and grime, a window squeegee is the only tool for the job.

The Unger squeegee is the perfect choice for streak-free windows because it has two tools in one: A squeegee and a scrubber for more difficult marks and stains. Use the scrubber to wash the windows and remove dirt and sun-baked particles, then flip the unit to access the 14-inch rubber blade to effortlessly scrape the glass clean.

Squeegees are the cleaning tool for people who don’t want to spend their lives scrubbing, polishing, or wasting paper towels. Simple to use and relatively inexpensive, this tool is essential for keeping hard surfaces clean and free from spots and streaks. Heavy-duty products can be kept where they’ll be used most, while lightweight, smaller options can be tucked away in outdoor areas or in your car for quick spiffing.