The best toilet plungers for emergency unclogging

Having a plunger on hand for toilet clogs is important, but keeping clogs from happening in the first place is even better. Remind your household to flush only toilet paper down the toilet. Personal wipes and paper towels should never be flushed. Regardless of how careful you are, clogs will happen, so make sure you keep a sturdy plunger with a durable rubber head at the ready.

The key to effective toilet plunging is creating a seal. Most plungers accommodate different drain sizes but make sure the product you are considering mentions the types of toilets it accommodates.

In addition, you should pick a toilet plunger that will last. Good options include those with heavy-duty wood or aluminum handles.

Simplehuman Toilet Plunger and Caddy

Best with caddy

If you are looking for a reliable, attractive toilet plunger and caddy unit, this model is worth a look. The caddy's large opening makes it easy to detach and attach the plunger, and it's deep enough to hide the plunger head when not in use.

The plunger is long and narrow, which works well with the lines of today's modern toilets. The plunger's magnetic collar is a smart design that secures the cover to the rod so you can transport the plunger and caddy together without dripping. The durable stainless steel rod of this product won't rust and stands up to repeated use.

Supply Guru Rubber Toilet Plunger

Best for Residential Use

While commercial building occupants certainly have their share of toilet clogs, homeowners can do some damage, too. This plunger, which works for both commercial and residential applications, is a durable workhorse in the bathroom with its 18-inch wood handle and 5.5-inch rubber force cup.

The heft of this product helps it generate high-capacity force, making it a solid choice for clogged toilets and other types of drains.

SurePlunge Automatic Toilet Plunger

Best Automatic

Forget using a little elbow grease to get a toilet clog out. The SurePlunge plunger is an automatic option that uses CO2 gas to power out stubborn stoppages. This tool gives you the power of a professional plumber, yet it's safe to use on all toilets. The plunger is also lightweight, despite how powerful it is.

Practice using this product on an unclogged toilet first and get used to power at your fingertips. Like a traditional plunger, the SurePlunge inserts into the drain of the toilet. To activate, hold the product with both hands, lean the handle downward (which attaches the silicone boot), and press the button to release the gas. The resulting pressure will dislodge the contents of your toilet.

You won’t believe how different you will feel about bathroom and toilet maintenance when you have a properly set up system for removing clogs from toilets and cleaning up afterward. Just like having all your general cleaning supplies nearby so you can keep sinks and mirrors sparkling, having a toilet plunger at the ready (not hidden in the closet) means toilet problems can be addressed effortlessly, quickly, and without a lot of aggravation.