The best tree saw for trimming the quick way

Don’t dread pruning and maintenance just because you don’t have the right tools. Tree saws offer functionality and are designed specifically to handle the unique challenges of tree pruning and maintenance. These are our top choices for best tree saws — find the right one and get your maintenance finished efficiently.

A tree saw often includes an extender handle that fits into the blade to allow you to reach tree branches without additional support or elevation. But that’s not all! The teeth are specifically designed to cut through wood with less clogging. These saws make quick work of pruning branches, and some help reduce your need for a ladder (or climbing). A tree saw can transform your pruning, so here are our favorites to get you started.


Best Pole Saw

This option features a cordless saw with a rechargeable battery capable of cutting up to 100 times at a 1.5-inch diameter on a single charge. The fiberglass pole is lightweight and easy to wield, while a maximum cutting diameter of 6 inches gives you plenty of flexibility. Plus, you can change the battery with other Black+Decker tools that use the same lithium-ion set up. It comes with the battery, charger, and protective cover.

Corona RazorTOOTH Folding Saw

Best Hand Saw

This hand tree saw gives you a unique, ergonomic design so you've got plenty of power behind your cuts. The retractable blade loads into the handle for safe carrying and specially designed teeth reduce clogging from live wood and sap. The pistol grip handle ensures you get efficient cuts without slippage.

Greenworks 40V Cordless Pole Saw

Best Cordless

This cordless saw has a battery interchangeable with every Greenworks tool. It features a lightweight saw with an 8-foot extender bar for easy reach. A chain tensioning system helps with adjustments, and the automatic oiler keeps the tool running smoothly. It comes with an 8-inch bar and chain at just the right angle.

A tree saw is designed for cutting quickly and efficiently through live wood, reducing clogs, and helping with reach. Once you’ve got the right tool for your job, you’ll be able to handle pruning and trimming quickly without worrying about ruining your trees. Get the job done right with one of the tools on our list, and you’ll be able to handle whatever your property gives you.