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The best utility knives for various uses anytime, anywhere

Utility knives are portable and easy to use. They also tend to have a lot of different features. Some options include two open blade positions, replaceable or pointed-tip blades, finger loops for a better grip, and a belt clip so they’re always at hand. Let’s take a look at our top choices.

There are various types of utility knives available, such as a fixed-position knife with a metal handle, a manual knife with a metal or reinforced nylon handle, an auto-retractable knife with a metal or nylon handle, and a smart-retracting knife with a nylon handle. Explore the list of our favorites to find the best one for you.

Internet’s Best Premium Utility Knife

Best Value

A great functioning utility knife that offers great value is an attractive combination. The Internet’s Best Premium Utility Knife hits that mark by featuring two retractable utility knives, five refill blades, and a pouch at a low price. The knives sport a metal, durable design and rubber grips to provide long-lasting, durable cuts and slices on boxes, plastic packaging, and straps. The razor slides open to three different blade lengths for more exact cuts.

WORKPRO Folding Utility Knife

Best With Extra Blades

Don’t stop working because your utility knife’s blade is dull. Get the WORKPRO Folding Utility Knife, which comes with five extra blades and features a quick-change blade release mechanism designed to increase safety and prevent injuries when changing blades. It features a high-quality steel handle and anti-slip grip for better security and an ergonomic curved handle for a better hand fit.

Sheffield Utility Knife

Best Lock-Back Mechanism

For heightened safety, get a utility knife with a good lock-back mechanism. The Sheffield Utility Knife features both a one-hand opening lock-back mechanism and a quick-change blade mechanism. It sports a lightweight aluminum, texture grip handle and a pocket clip. The knife can be used to cut through paper, cardboard, twine, boxes, and more.

No matter if you call it a box cutter or a utility knife, you’ll find multiple uses for this must-have tool for your toolbox. These versatile and useful knives that made our list warrant your consideration.