The best water softeners to get rid of harmful elements

Hard water may seem like a strange concept, but the water that’s put through a municipal cleaning system often comes out laden with minerals and chemicals. Those may help keep the water free of pathogens, but they can be hard on the skin and appliances. A water softener, like the ones on our list, can remove those extra minerals and improve the overall quality of your water.

Water softeners use a scientific process that gently removes harsh chemicals and odors using a simple filtration system. As water passes through the system, hard minerals like calcium are removed to leave the water feeling better on the skin and less likely to cause scale. Let’s take a look at a few of our favorites.

Aqua Earth Shower Filter

Best Design

This water filter is designed to work with a variety of overhead shower options and uses multiple layers to remove excess minerals and deposits for softer, cleaner-feeling water. It’s an inline, high-performance option that won’t interfere with your water pressure and removes unpleasant odors as well.

AquaBliss High-Output Revitalizing Shower Filter

Best Overall

This inline water filtration system improves your water by removing minerals and odors. It’s designed to filter water and to reintroduce beneficial compounds removed by excess chemicals from municipal systems. It’s straightforward to install and uses a no-tool installation method. Changing filters is easy, and the system is affordable.

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler

Best No-Salt Alternative

The no-salt alternative softener system is simple for installation on either metal or plastic pipes and descales your entire water system. It helps emulate softer water without removing vital minerals, and the system helps to dissolve existing buildup while preventing new buildup. It’s environmentally friendly and safe.

A water softening system can improve how your water feels and how it performs in appliances. Stop letting scale interfere with performance and improve the overall quality of water in your buildings and for your customers. These water softeners are excellent places to start and could transform your water.