The best weatherstripping for doors to keep your work area draft-free

Did you know that weatherstripping also works as a sound dampener? In addition, it helps you keep the indoor air quality in your building high because it reduces the amount of carbon pollution that can enter your space.

Don’t throw money away on high utility bills or spend your work hours with cold feet in the winter. Take control of your workspace by using the right weatherstripping products for your exterior doors. It’s easy to quickly stop air infiltration by sealing air leaks around your doors with weatherstripping. Here are some sure-bet products that will get the job done easily.

D DATADAGO Silicone Seal Strip

Best Silicone

This transparent silicone weather stripping comes in a 26-foot strip and works well for the bottoms of doors, as well as windows. Made from silica gel, which gives it flexibility, the weatherstripping is easy to apply around the perimeter of your doors. Simply wipe off the edges of the door and let it dry, peel off the backer strips you have cut to match the length of each side of the door, and apply. You have instantly set up an effective silicone rubber barrier that will keep out air, pollutants, dust, noise, water, and insects. Plus, it also resists degrading from sun rays or extreme weather.

MAGZO Foam Seal Tape

Best Foam

This three-roll foam seal product (total of 50 feet) gives you all the protection you need to weatherstrip your exterior doors. The ½-inch-wide-by-1/8-inch thick weatherstripping is self-adhesive and made of neoprene rubber, which has a smooth surface that won’t catch or interrupt the door movement. In addition, it is weatherproof, oil resistant, and won’t corrode, which means you won’t have to replace it each season. Save money on your utilities and enjoy a more comfortable workspace with this weather barrier product.

Suptikes Door Draft Stopper

Best Under-Door Seal

This under door draft stopper blocks air infiltration and sound. Not your typical sealing product, this 2-inch-wide-by-39-inch-long, semi-rigid product adheres to the back of your door (versus the underside for other weatherstripping products). It works with doors that have up to 1-inch gaps from the floor. Its three-layer design provides superior insulative properties.

The product’s impervious construction keeps out drafts, odors, noise, and under-door light, which helps keep your space more comfortable and your utility bills low. The product can be applied to wood, glass, metal, plastic, and more. Installation is a cinch: Clean and dry the edges of the door, peel off the backer, apply it firmly, and, congratulations, you have reclaimed your indoor space from the outside world!

Whether it is the heart of winter or the scorching months of summer, you want the outdoor air to stay outside. Not only does air infiltration into your building impact your comfort but it also results in higher utility bills. Working should be a pleasurable experience; with the right weatherstripping product, you can keep air, noise, insects, and pollutants out of your environment for good.