The best weatherstripping for windows to prevent leaks and drafts in your house

You want to keep the outdoors out and the indoors comfortable, right? Window weatherstripping is your first line of defense against the elements. Best of all, it’s affordable and easy to apply.

Nothing ruins focus more than an uncomfortable workspace. Cold or hot drafts can distract you from the task at hand, and even result in illness. Getting control of your indoor air quality is simple when you attack the main culprit: leaky windows. Weatherstripping products stop unwanted drafts as well as noise, insects, and pollution. Check out the best window weatherstripping products we’ve assembled here.

Duck Weatherstripping Seal

Best Heavy Duty

Want to stop drafts? Consider this heavy-duty, self-adhesive weatherstripping product, which is specially designed to address large gaps. The product is 3/8-inch by ¼-inch by 17-feet long and comes in white. The self-adhesive, durable EPDM rubber seals the perimeter of the windows (and doors, too). Once installed, your space will be draft free. Plus, it keeps out pollution, noise, insects, and allergy-aggravating pollen. The weatherstripping works well in both cold and warm weather and won’t freeze or crack in temperatures down to -40°F.

Frost King Rubber Foam WeatherSeal

Best Foam

The Frost King foam tape is 9/16 inches thick and ½ inch wide, making it suitable for most window-sealing needs. The black tape is tough, durable, and offers an easy-to-apply, self-stick method. The rubber foam seals the window cracks to keep out air, pests, noise, and pollutants, including pollen and other allergens. The product can also be used to weatherstrip doors or to stop rattles and vibrations in vehicles or machinery.

Yotache High Density Foam Seal Tape

Best Multipurpose

This three-pack of foam tape unwinds into 50 feet of insulative power (16.5 feet in each roll). The tape measures ¼-inch-wide by 1/8-inch thick and is designed for both windows and doors. Made from a high-density Neoprene foam, the product is environmentally friendly while also providing a durable seal and maximum insulation. The product can be used in all climates and can also be used to provide shock proofing and buffering for furniture, electrical cabinets, cars, speakers, toys, and sports equipment.

The Environmental Protection Agency says sealing buildings can result in a 10% savings in energy use and costs, and recommends that people address the “envelope” of their building (outer walls, ceiling, floors, windows, and doors) to make them more energy efficient and to keep their interior spaces comfortable. Why throw your hard-earned money out the window (literally) when weatherstripping your windows is an easy way to fight against drafts, noise, insects, and pollutants, including allergen-aggravating pollen. A host of easy-to-apply weatherstripping products makes fortifying your windows an easy first step in creating a perfect indoor environment.