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The best wet stones for sharpening your kitchen knives

Your clients will look sharper than ever after you give them a haircut with freshly sharpened scissors. The versatile wet stones on our list sharpen knives, gardening tools, scissors, and many other blades. They’re a must-have for a wide range of professionals who work with precision tools.

Chopping, slicing and dicing are an easy task when you have good knives in the kitchen. Whether you’re filleting fish for sushi or mincing garlic, a sharp knife makes your food taste and look better. It also keeps you safer in a hectic environment where you need to work with precision. With our favorite wet stones for sharpening knives, you’ll always serve elegant dishes in record time. Let’s take a look at our top picks.

Whetstone Cutlery Knife Sharpening Stone-Dual Sided 400/1000

Best Water Stone

With dual-sided sharpening, the Whetstone Cutlery Knife Sharpening Stone offers 400/1000 grit that performs. Return edges to their original shape and smooth cutting edges with this two-sided tool that’s easy to use. It’s the perfect device to learn how to use a wet stone for sharpening knives. Simply soak it in water and sharpen away. If it needs extra lubrication while in use, just add a bit more water. No expensive honing oil is needed with this cost-efficient wet stone.

Sharp Pebble Premium Whetstone Knife Sharpening Stone 1000/6000

Best with Silicone Base

Hone your blades with confidence with the Sharp Pebble Premium Whetstone Knife Sharpening Stone. This complete kit includes a silicone base that keeps the whetstone in place while you sharpen your blades. With 6000/1000 grit, this multipurpose tool can even sharpen an axe. But don’t let its power intimidate you. It’s an easy-to-use whetstone that doesn’t require any oils or make a mess while you sharpen your knives.

BearMoo Whetstone Premium 2-IN-1 Sharpening Stone 3000/8000

Best for Razor Sharp Edge

If you need the sharpest edge possible, you need the BearMoo Whetstone Premium Sharpening Stone in your arsenal. This double-sided stone features a coarse 3000 grit and a fine 8000 grit that deliver perfect edges. Made with professional-grade white corundum, this corrosion- and heat-resistant tool is suitable for most grinding operations.

Sharp working tools are essential to hone in on your craft. When precision and speed matter most, you need a whetstone to help keep your blades in top condition. The items on our list help you make the most of your investment in the tools that allow you to do your work. They’re the reliable way to revive your knives, scissors, and art appliances.