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The best white extension cords for your electrical needs

White extension cords are very versatile because they can be used on so many appliances, electronics, toys, tools, and other items. They also are very inexpensive, easy to use, and last a long time. There are many white extension cords to choose from based on length, price, and other factors, but strongly consider these top-of-the-line options before you buy.

The important things to keep in mind about white extension cords — such as a white extension cord that stretches for 25 feet — are that they are UL-listed and safe, featuring reinforced blades that protect the prongs from bending or breaking. You can be sure that these leading white extension cords meet those requirements.

GE 6 Outlet Surge Protector, 20-Foot Extension Cord

Best White Extension Cord

Go for one of the best white extension cords available, which is what you’ll be doing if you purchase the GE 6 Outlet Surge Protector and 20-Foot Extension Cord. It offers six grounded and protected three-prong outlets that can provide power from a distance, which is ideal for creating a centralized electronics hub for a home, office, workshop, or garage. The extra-long, heavy-duty extension cord is strong enough to last a lifetime. Twist-to-close safety outlets offer higher protection.

ClearMax 25 Feet 3 Outlet Extension Cord 16 AWG Indoor/Outdoor Use

Most Versatile Cord

Need a highly versatile white extension cord? Then grab the ClearMax 25 Feet 3 Outlet Extension Cord. It’s designed to extend the connection of a wall outlet or any power devices that use a type A or type B outlet. The cord provides up to three additional outlets for power distribution and sports a built-in accessory loop for hanging or wall mounting.

SlimLine 2235 Indoor Flat Plug Extension Cord

Best with an angled plug

Searching for a white extension cord with an angled plug? End your search by getting the SlimLine 2235 Indoor Flat Plug Extension Cord. Its right-angled plug won’t block other outlets, so they still can be used. Easy-to-grip notches on each side make the flat plug easier to remove from a wall. The cord offers three grounded outlets to power multiple appliances at once.

Get electrical power where you need it by using classic white extension cords. They can limit clutter while giving you the chance to power more electronics anywhere, both indoors and outside.