The best white spray paints for versatile painting

White spray paint is a classic tool for jobs that require a timeless finish. It provides a professional coat with no streaking or brush marks, and when you use it for jobs or projects, you get a result you love with less effort than a traditional can of paint. Our top choices for best spray paint are wonderful paint tools for professional results.

White spray paint is a workhorse. It covers stains, refreshes surfaces, and goes on with no streaks or brush marks. Everyone should have a quality can of white spray paint in their arsenal to help them finish jobs and give them a go-to choice for a classic finish. Let’s take a look at our favorites.

Rust-Oleum American Accents Gloss White

Best Overall

This classic white spray paint comes in an easy-to-use can that helps reduce finger fatigue and results in long-lasting protection. It dries to the touch in about 20 minutes and produces a durable finish that doesn't crack or smudge. It comes in a glossy finish for a modern look for most surfaces.

Krylon ColorMaster Paint + Primer

Best Multipurpose

The multipurpose paint from this option is suitable for just about any surface you can think of. It goes on quickly and smoothly for a high contrast white finish. It's compatible with both indoor and outdoor use. It dries in about 10 minutes and prevents rust and mildew.

Rust-Oleum Stops Rust Gloss White

Best Gloss

For a weather- and corrosion-resistant option, this spray paint features an easy-to-use sprayer and a high contrast white finish. It's simple to use and goes on a variety of surfaces without smudges or cracks. Use it for a professional finish for just about any job or project and get things done well.

When you use spray paint, you get a quality, streak-free finish that looks great and lasts. A durable white spray paint is a beautiful tool to finish a variety of projects and jobs. It’s a big part of a painter’s toolkit, so invest in one of our favorites from the list to ensure your jobs are done well.