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These are best skills to have for a job

Whether you have a job now or are looking for one, you want to put your best put forward. A big part of that effort revolves around being as skilled as possible to impress an employer. But what are the best skills to have for a job? Depending on the position you’re applying for, those skills might be very specific. However, there are some general job skill sets that all employers will want you to have.
So, follow along to see the best skills to have for a job.
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According to a report for 2021, the number one projected hiring challenge that hiring managers were staring in the face was the skills gap.

In breaking down that report, approximately 33 percent of those running companies in the United States indicated the skills gap has grown in just the last year. Some 80 percent of U.S. businesses stated that they have challenges filling positions unlike a year ago because of skills gaps

That said, you’ll want to do all you can to not let a good work situation escape you. This is because one or more notable skills are lacking on your resume. Know that skills can be broken down into different categories.
Of note would be those skills considered hard and those on the soft side of the scale.

Hard skills to impress a current or prospective employer

Technical skills

With automation key in the work world, technical skills can take you a long way. For example, having knowledge when it comes to cloud computing is never a bad thing. When you are skilled at working in the cloud, you can go further and increase your wages. From how the cloud service platform (CSP) works to managing databases in the cloud and more, do your research. Honing your skills here can help you now and down the road as more work projects migrate their way to the cloud.

Video editing and podcasting skills

Depending on the type of job you have now or may look to get, can you edit videos? Having such skills can move you ahead in many jobs. It is not uncommon for many brands to be involved online with videos and podcasting. Video editing skills and/or the ability to produce and promote podcasts can come in handy. Videos are oftentimes used to promote a company’s products and services. As such, you may be asked, depending on your role, to shoot, edit, and place videos online for your employer. When it comes to podcasting, more brands find podcasts to be a useful way of getting their message out. It means discussing relevant topics within a specific industry or industries. From the skills of running a podcast to writing material and getting it on the web, finding these talents is potentially a big help.

Online marketing skills 

Many brands have a website and social media. As a result, online marketing is key in the quest for success. So, how confident would you be in doing online promotional tasks such as SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing), and more? If you are lacking in one or many of those skills, you can always consider taking classes to improve your skillset. If you’re only starting in the job world, an internship where you can better master SEO, SEM, and other skills are good. With the importance of online marketing tied to a brand’s success, you could be a very valuable employee to companies looking to sharpen their online footprint.
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How good are your people skills?

Among the soft skills you should have the upper hand with so you can catch the eye of a current or prospective employer:

Communicating with others 

You can have all the technical skills in the world and feel like you are set. Yet, they will not do you much good if you have trouble communicating with others. With that in mind, brush up on your communication skills if they are less than stellar. When you work with others, being a team player is something many employers can’t stress enough. If you’re often moody, don’t like engaging with others, and have a pessimistic outlook, it can do damage to your job. You also may have to communicate with customers (current and prospective ones). If your customer service skills are lacking, this can doom you, too.

Time management

Imagine the dismay your employer would have if you were the company’s best worker when it comes to your skills, only to be lousy at time management. Make sure time management is not one of your downfalls. Showing up late to clock in for work, leaving all too often early, missing or being late for meetings, and so on can be bad. Don’t put yourself in one compromising position after another by not being able to meet your time management needs.

While there are other hard and soft skills to master, keep those mentioned in your mind as you move forward in the workplace. In doing so, you can increase your job security and set yourself up for much success now and down the road.

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