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Enhance mental focus with a violin

When we are looking for an edge to enhance our mental focus, one great idea is to take up playing a violin. We may have had some training as a child or we may be taking up this as an adult, but this training is assured to exercise our focus and discipline, which will enhance these qualities for our job performance as well.

Before we pick a violin, we need to understand that they are available in 8 different sizes. The full size is 4/4 and they decrease to the smallest at 1/32. For the best fit, we can measure the length between our neck and the middle of our left hand palm, with our arm in the position like playing a violin. The full size (4/4) will measure 23 inches, 3/4 is 22 inches, and 1/2 is 20 inches, with the sizes continuing to reduce until the 1/32, which is 13 inches.

Whichever we choose, we will want also to commit to music lessons with a qualified instructor. It will take time for us to become proficient with playing, but the benefits to our mental focus will occur almost immediately, once we dedicate ourselves to practice.

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