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Make your company camping trip a breeze with these 5 items

Whether or not you’re looking forward to your company’s wilderness outing, you’ve got to be prepared. Not only will it keep you as safe as comfortable as possible during your trip, but it will show your coworkers, bosses, or employees just how prepared you can be.

To truly become one with Mother Nature, you’ll need to plan well past your camping basics. Tents, food, water, and sleeping bags aren’t often forgotten, but what about more luxurious accessories? You’ll need something to place under your sleeping bag so you’re not lying on a hard surface, for example. And if you bring a hammock—do you have all of the equipment it needs?

These five camping essentials will take your company retreat a breeze—even if only for you.

With any of these tools, no matter how simple, your company camping trip will be a lot more comfortable. Even if you’re sleeping on the ground under the stars, it’s times like these when the little things—like a comfortable spot to sleep and easy restroom access—truly mean the most.

When you feel good, you’ll be able to show up for yourself and your coworkers without sacrificing your sanity. Not only will you impress your fellow campers with your outdoor skill and preparedness, but you’ll also be rested, relaxed, and hopefully a bit more excited to spend some time with your coworkers while camping.

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