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Fantastic gift ideas for the coworker that thinks flutes are fabulous

If a flute and a saxophone got into a fight who would win? Well, the flute woodwind, of course! Haha! The flute is interesting for many reasons, and one of the most unique things is that it is a member of the woodwind family even though it is usually made from something other than wood! On any note, starting the day with a song in your heart and a joke that puts a grin on your face is so good for your mental health. Now that you are all smiles, it’s time to talk about that officemate of yours who is an aspiring flutist. We hear they’re having a birthday and have we got news for you! We have compiled a list of interesting, creative, fabulous gifts that they would be sure to love! You can feel good about your purchase as each of these flutes comes with a one-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

When you give someone a musical instrument, you are also giving them the gift of boosted confidence and connection to the world. Creative expression is instrumental (no pun intended!) to one’s sense of self, and has been shown to improve mood and concentration – both things that create a pleasant work environment. Would they prefer the unique look of a pink or purple flute? Perhaps the elegant look of a black and gold flute would charm them. The silver flute is a timeless classic. No matter which one you choose to gift them, they will be wowed!

5 housewarming gifts your coworkers will love
serving platters office party man woman

Moving into a new home is one of the most fun and nerve-racking things you will do. If you have a coworker taking the leap, you'll want to find them the perfect gift to welcome them home. Whether they're having a big party to celebrate or you hear about it in the office, why not surprise them with something fun for their new home? They'll appreciate the gesture and you'll be sure to get invited to their next gathering. We found five unique gifts that any homeowner would love to receive. Check them out here. At these prices, you may just want to buy a second one for yourself!

You'll be the talk of the office choosing one of these gifts for your coworkers new home. They aren't the run-of-the-mill ideas that usually make the rounds at housewarming parties, and that's precisely why we love them. So, take a chance and gift them something unique. Chances are, they will be singing your praises for years to come.

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5 warmhearted gifts sure to delight your pregnant coworker
the best confetti balloons for birthday parties

Having a colleague that is pregnant can fill the office with an incredible amount of anticipation. For the new mom-to-be, balancing the responsibilities of work and home can be a very real struggle. With pregnancy comes unimaginable joy and excitement, but there are still deadlines to be met and tasks to be done. One way to take a little pressure off mom is to show her how much you care by hosting a baby shower after hours. That gives everyone a chance to switch off from work and focus on that glorious growing belly and also helps to provide many of the items necessary to care for a newborn. We’ve put together a list of thoughtful items for the new mom-to-be including some things to make pregnancy easier and more comfortable for her and some items to help care for that new bundle of joy.

Many women choose to work during pregnancy. The workplace challenges that accompany pregnancy can be overcome most of the time as long as mom remembers to listen to her body. As her coworker, there are lots of things you can do at work to let her know that you're there for her. Maybe you could start her car on chilly winter evenings, keep the break room stocked with healthy snacks, or suggest taking small breaks during long meetings so she can get up and move around. When it's time for her office baby shower, these thoughtful items can show her how much everyone at the office cares about her. They are sure to delight her and make this special time feel a little less overwhelming.

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Thoughtful retirement gift ideas for your coworker that loves to exercise
Women exercising in a fitness class

You’ve shared an office with your coworker for years and years. She took you under her wing when you were a newbie, showed you the ropes, and became your mentor. You knew that one day she would retire, but pushed that idea to the back of your mind. As tough as it is to believe, her retirement party is next week! Sigh. It's going to be so hard to see her go and you want to give her a special gift that she will use for years to come. She loves to exercise and was just talking about trying something new once she retires. Does she enjoy cycling? Perhaps yoga is more her thing. We’ve compiled a list of items that are not only useful for a retiree to use in their daily exercise routine, but that are thoughtful too. After all, encouraging your coworker to continue her fitness journey shows her how much you care.

Things at the office just won’t be the same without your coworker, and sending her off with a thoughtful gift will show her how much she means to you. Perhaps the two of you could even sign up for a fitness class together to ensure that you remain friends even though you won't see one another at the office every day. Change can be hard, but it can bring about great things too. We wish your coworker happiness in her retirement, and you an awesome new office mate who loves cats as much as you do! 

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