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Person with smartphone dialing Uber

What Uber’s resurrection teaches us about adversity as a startup

Uber went through some troubles, but it did a great job in getting past it all. Here's what you can learn from its resurrection.
Young remote worker and baby

Adorable baby socks perfect for employees expecting a child

lawncare business license front yard  landscape design with multicolored shrubs intersecting bright

Prep your yard for the company cookout

the best paint buckets bucket

Use these for an awesome team-building paint party

bearded man grabbing tie confidence

Make your employees smile with these fun and classy neckties

the best balloons to liven up any occasion

Fantastic gift ideas for the coworker that thinks flutes are fabulous

wine accessories gifts

Great Wine Accessories to Gift Your Employees

kids gift ideas

5 thoughtful gifts for employees with active kids


All great business leaders have these 4 qualities

Businessman burying his head in his hands

6 signs of a bad manager to look out for

business man sitting at desk with data

How to master your mindset to be a better leader


5 leadership tricks you can learn from Elon Musk

Businessman burying his head in his hands

What are the qualities of a bad manager?

What are the qualities of a bad manager? We list them so you don't become one.

How to gain leadership skills

To be a great boss, you need to gain leadership skills. We discuss how can develop them.
bearded man grabbing tie confidence

The real difference between a leader and a manager

What sets apart a leader and a manager? We show you the difference.
African American office manager

2 things all great office managers do to help businesses thrive

Office managers are unsung heroes, but keep business thriving. We have 2 reasons they're indispensable.
Female leader speaking at a meeting

How to improve your leadership skills, even if your employees love you

Even if your employees think you're great, there's a good chance you can improve your leadership skills. Here's how.
Smiling multiethnic work colleagues

4 advantages to diversity in the workplace you’re not thinking about

Diversity matters. Here are four ways having a diverse workforce actually improves your whole company.
Construction manager speaking with contractors

What is a construction manager?

Construction managers are important -- or are they? Here we discuss just what a construction manager is and why your company may need one.
Workers in Amazon warehouse

Amazon overworks its people — how you can avoid making the same mistakes

Amazon workers are fighting back against the retail behemoth for long hours and poor conditions. Here's how you can avoid the same mistakes.
A person holding business advice

How to build strong, lasting relationships with customers

Customer relationships matter a lot more than people think. Here's how you can develop a loyal business following.
WeWork office building

What WeWork taught us about failure

WeWork was a spectacular failure. While there's a lot to poke fun at, we can actually learn a lot from its sensational downfall.
Office manager sitting with team

How to motivate and inspire employees no matter what business you’re in

Inspiring employees is important to success. No matter what line of work you're in, these tips will help.
Business executive holds meeting

How to increase employee productivity

How you can increase employee productivity and keep a happy, healthy work environment.
Female boss speaking to employees

How to be a leader at work

Leadership and management are different skills. Here's how to display leadership to your team.
Woman holding a tablet

How to improve innovation in the workplace

When things feel stagnant, it's time to innovate -- but how? Don't worry, we've got you covered with these tips.