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6 signs of a bad manager to look out for

No matter the size of the company you work for, odds are, you have a manager, unless, of course, you are the manager and/or own the company. With that in mind, would you know the signs of a bad manager? A bad office manager can make life difficult for the employees when it comes to stress. They can also be a problem for customers. So, do you have a bad manager in your midst?

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Why is your manager not working out?

When it comes to the wrong manager in a position of authority, would it lead you to consider going elsewhere? Depending on the setup at your job, you may be left with no other choice but to find work with another company or even consider self-employment at some point. It comes down to the amount of time you spend with your manager and if they are stressing you out all too often.

Before you contemplate turning in a letter of resignation, think it through. If the manager is not the owner of the company, he or she has someone above them. As such, would it be possible to talk to that person with more authority? They may in fact have a receptive ear that you can lean on.

Yes, many employees go out of their way to avoid confrontation on the job because no one wants to be stressed day after day when in the workplace.

Signs of a bad manager

Micromanaging being taken to a new level

For most employees, there is some degree of a learning curve in the workplace. It stands to reason there is some instruction from a manager to employees as they get accustomed to the job. However, you do not want to feel like you are being watched every minute of every hour at work. Some people who micromanage do it because it gives them a sense of control. For others, they do it because they do not place full trust in those under them. If your manager is micromanaging you, it could have a negative impact on your performance. Talk to them about placing more trust in you and not towering over you all day.

Playing favorites in the workplace

It is not uncommon for some employees to stand out to their managers. Not only can it be they do a good job time and time again, but their personalities might also click. As a result, you can sometimes have favoritism rearing its ugly head at work. When this happens, it can disrupt office morale and more. Even if you think it is a good thing the manager goes out of their way to single you out, it can backfire on you. Other employees may not hold you in the highest regard as a result. If you sense there are favorites in the company, do your best not to let it show one way or the other.

Not being unorganized all too often

Another red flag that says you may in fact have a bad manager would be when they are rather unorganized. The failure to make organization a key staple of the workplace can have a domino effect. Not only is the manager unorganized, but some or many of the people under them may also fail to meet deadlines, handle customer responsibilities, and more. One of the best ways to attack such a problem is to see if there is more you can do to help. You are not in fact responsible for the manager’s work duties. Although, helping them out, lending some ideas, and more can be beneficial for all parties.

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Where is the constructive feedback?

No matter how many years you have in the business world, you are always learning on the job. So, what happens when you get little to no feedback from your manager? Yes, it can make it difficult to know if you are doing a good job or you need some guidance and so on. With that in mind, do your best to try and push your manager to provide you with some constructive feedback. No one wants to get yelled at on the job, and that should not happen in the first place among adults. That being said, constructive feedback and even mild criticism can lead to improvement. Having a periodic review of your work performance is never a bad thing.

Too much of a negative attitude

When you stop and think about it, no job is a piece of cake. Even when you love what you do and in fact are good at it, you are still working at the end of the day. So, imagine having a manager that is all too often seeing the sky fall in. Yes, it could make for long hours on the job. Negative attitudes at work can mean low morale. It can also translate into work not getting done. When your manager is all too often negative, see if you and others at work can brighten things up. There is no reason for everyone to be so negative because one person can’t find the good at work.

Where was the pat on the back and a quick thank you?

Finally, there is no doubt you get a paycheck and might be receiving health benefits and more at your job. So, does that make you happy, or would you like a little something more? What you may want is the occasional pat on the back or thank you for doing a good job. A manager willing to give you such accolades is someone you want to work for. You know he or she appreciates the time and effort you put in. Doing this can go a long way at the end of the day in pushing you to work even harder.

When you see one or more signs of a bad manager at work, will you try and work through it or look to move on to another employer?

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