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6 kitchen cleaning supplies everyone needs

Keeping a clean kitchen at your business or home is an absolute must. Whether it’s basic hygienic standards, keeping your establishment up to code, mitigating allergens, or something else, you need the best supplies around to keep your kitchen clean. But how do you pick the best kitchen cleaning supplies for your space?

It’s hard to make the right choice with so many options (both tried-and-true and well-marketed products). Sometimes, the most affordable option is the best option. Conversely, sometimes it’s truly worth it to spend a few extra dollars on a more durable, longer-lasting product.

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Must-have kitchen cleaning supplies

There are so many tools to keep your kitchen clean. If you’re in an industrial space, you need specific types of tools that clean on a greater scale. If you’re cleaning a smaller space, you still require reliable supplies to ensure a clean kitchen.

Here’s a checklist for you to consider when stocking up on cleaning supplies for your kitchen. Think of it as all the essentials that you must have.

  • Brooms
  • Bottle cleaners
  • Disinfectant
  • Mops
  • Dusters
  • Stove cleaner

Read on to discover why these cleaning supplies belong in your kitchen. You’ll be more than ready to add these to your stock.

Brooms for hair, dirt, and more

There are many kinds of brooms you can use to clean a kitchen. From push brooms and rubber brooms to old-fashioned bristled brooms, many can meet your needs. What you choose depends on your cleaning priorities.

Industrial and professional kitchens may require a wide variety of brooms. Your regular whisk or bristled brooms serve well for patios and household use, too. Whether it’s sweeping up liquids or hair or getting into hard-to-reach spaces, there’s a broom for you.

Bottle cleaners for tough spots

Whether it’s wine bottles, sauce bottles, or mason jars, cleaning out glass containers is tough. Even if you’ve got a long sponge cleaner or powerful jets on a dishwasher or faucet head, it’s easy to miss the crevices on bottles. Cleaning things like champagne flutes and pouring bottles is difficult, too.

Bottle cleaners aren’t just for bottles. Slim-necked objects of any variety pose a challenge when it’s time to clean them. And dishwashers don’t necessarily get into the smallest crevices. There are many kinds of silicone and wire brushes to help clean containers with even the narrowest openings. Use the long-necked varieties for your taller bottles and containers.

Disinfectants for keeping surfaces clean

Every kitchen has surfaces, each of which is often and easily contaminated. Keeping these surfaces clean means finding the right disinfectants. You can always use bleach, but there are more options than the smelly old stuff.

Some bleaches come with odors to mask the strong smell and others come in handy forms, such as wipes, sprays, and foams. Explore the many options available to find the best bleach for your kitchen type.

Person mopping floor

Mopping and sopping it up

Squeegee, microfiber, floor, and spray mops all clean your kitchen in different ways. Part of choosing the best mop means finding one that makes for easy cleaning and one with durability and replaceable parts. Choosing a mop depends on your cleaning priorities and flooring.

If you’re cleaning a large restaurant kitchen, you’ll want something that gets in and under different machines. At home, you may want something small and convenient. Hardwood, tile, and concrete all require different cleaning solutions (and therefore, different mop heads).

Busting all that dust

Even in kitchens used frequently, dust still accumulates. Dusting is often more challenging when using the wrong tools. Old-fashioned feather dusters kick debris into the air, creating more work.

Modern dusters use tools like microfiber cloths that catch even the smallest particles. Finding the best microfiber duster depends on what areas of your kitchen you’re trying to clean (and what you’re cleaning it with).

man wiping down kitchen counter

Releasing the grease from your stovetop

Every kitchen has a stove. Some stovetops are glass, while others are metal. Cooking often involves using oils that create grease and grime. Different stovetops require specific cleaning solutions to break down grease and grime without damaging them.

It’s easy to find the best stovetop cleaner if you shop around. Before you know it, you’ll have a sparkling stove again. Be sure to use the correct stovetop cleaner, such as a cream or spray, with a scrub pad or scraper, based on the type of stovetop you have.

Stocking up on the best cleaning supplies for the kitchen

After you run through the checklist for kitchen cleaning supplies, it’s time to start shopping. Your options are endless, but finding the right tools is simple. Take your time, and you’ll find exactly what you need for a sparkling kitchen. Evaluate your cleaning standards to help determine the best tools for your kitchen. Setting priorities for your cleaning needs makes it that much easier to reach than shining, hygienic, and allergen-free clean.

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