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5 compact tools that can give office kitchens a boost

Let’s face it; no one asks much of the standard office kitchen. No state-of-the-art gadgets and appliances typically find their way into most workplace kitchen setups. Just the basics—coffee maker, paper cups, a paltry selection of spoons—are the tools of the trade there, and while that’s hardly a tragedy, any standard office kitchen can get a quick boost with the addition of a few nifty kitchen gadgets.

We’ve rounded up 5 portable products that are both modest in size and modest in price, ideal for toting to work—and taking things up a notch in the kitchen. Whether making that vital morning coffee or recharging with an afternoon cup of tea, these little tools bring a dash of homey indulgence to the workplace kitchen—and do it all for under $20 a pop!

Small indulgences in the workplace are not to be dismissed. An optimal cup of coffee or an injection of unexpected beauty have the power to be a spot of relief in a busy day of meetings and deadlines. If your work kitchen set-up is woefully lacking in conveniences, give it a boost with a portable tool or two that, for a few dollars,  may very well turn your office kitchen from rudimentary to rad!

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