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Working out while working from home

When working from home, it’s not always easy to find and maintain a work-life balance. For many, part of that balance is finding or making time for self care, including fitness. While going to the gym can be an option, it’s not always easy or even possible. Sometimes, working out at home is a better solution. However, the dilemma then becomes what equipment to invest in. Here are some recommendations for inexpensive additions you can make to your home gym so you can get back to a better state of balance.

Of course, there are many other options when it comes to home gym equipment. You can spend thousands on treadmills and weight-lifting sets if you want to. But, if your goal is to simply maintain a healthy fitness level and create a positive work-life balance, perhaps products like these, along with some discipline and effort, are all you really need.

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How to create the perfect work-life balance as a parent

Working from home is a luxury for some, while for others, it’s a challenge. Depending on your home office setup, maintaining a job while managing household duties can be taxing. Add children to the mix, and it can be downright overwhelming. Picking up toys, soothing a crying infant, and attending video calls in one eight-hour shift is part of an everyday routine for many. While it can be hectic, it doesn’t have to be. You can introduce structure to your daily routine so that you and your little ones can take advantage of the time you have together. Here are some great products to help you better manage working from home as a parent:

Many have warned not to mix business with pleasure. But for a lot of parents, that’s just not possible. Some parents even prefer to work at an office due to feeling overwhelmed with juggling their job responsibilities and parental responsibilities. If you’re struggling to achieve the perfect work-life balance, you don’t have to struggle any longer. With the help of some of these useful products, you can maximize your time spent working at home. It’s possible to create bonding moments with your family while remaining productive at work. Try out these products that you and your children can enjoy together.

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You’ll love these products if you work on your feet
Warehouse worker

You hear how sitting all day is terrible for your health and posture, but what if your job keeps you on your feet for hours on end? Everyone from bartenders and warehouse workers to teachers and pharmacists spend much of their time on the clock standing up.

Anyone with a career that keeps them on their feet knows it can take a toll. Wearing supportive shoes, standing on thick mats, and elevating your legs at the end of the day can all help. But for a little extra help taking the edge off, consider one or more of the following items.

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5 must-haves for your next tropical work trip
top travel toiletries business trip woman working

Are you planning a work trip for the whole office or leadership team? Imagine this: Your new office for the week has palm trees swaying, waves crashing and birds chirping in the background. There's nothing better than a tropical getaway, especially when it's away from the office, but there are certain products you may not remember to pack. Like you give careful consideration to planning transportation to your vacation, accommodations, restaurant reservations, and activities to do while you're there, packing things to make the trip run a little smoother is also crucial. It's unlikely HR will be reminding you to pack these popular travel (and some unsuspecting) products, so we got you covered. 

Getting out of the office for a few days should be loads of fun, not stressful. These products will set you up for success against rain, heat, and the environment that comes with most tropical trips. If it starts raining, you are sweating, or kids in the pool are splashing, these products will be your tools for success. It's not every week that you get to take your computer and meetings to the tropics, so come prepared and enjoy every minute of the trip. 

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