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Jennifer Lindahl

Jennifer Lindahl

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Jennifer Lindahl is an experienced writer and editor with two decades of experience in journalism, public policy, and B2B writing.

A couple reading menus together

How to determine food costs when pricing a new menu

Here's how to determine food costs for your new menu.
Construction manager talking to architects in building

8 eco-friendly building materials you should use in construction

These 8 building construction materials are all eco-friendly.
Two people at a food truck

5 best places to park your food truck for more business

Here are the 5 best places to park your food truck.
what do construction workers wear using paper document with plan on it  two

The best work pants for construction workers

Here are the best work pants for construction workers.
Safety inspector checking a list

The best work boot brands for construction workers

These are the best work boots for construction workers.

How to build a restaurant website in 6 easy steps

Build a restaurant website with these 6 easy steps.

6 common complaints workers have about their bosses

These are some of the most common complaints workers have about their bosses.
the best pool skimmer net for ground and above pools

How to start your own pool cleaning and maintenance business

Here are steps for how to start your own pool cleaning and maintenance business
Research graphic on computer screen

Why online market research tools will help your business

Here is why online market research will help your business succeed.

The platforms workers use to complain about their bosses

There are certain platforms where workers complain about bosses. Learn what they are.
Woman cleaning a windowsill

How to grow your cleaning startup fast

Here's how to get a cleanup startup business up and running fast.
market research roofing team work marketing process strategy analysing stock dashboard

Passive income vs. active income: What’s the difference?

Learn the difference between earning passive and active income.

How to support your staff and create a hybrid work environment

Here is how you can support your staff and create a hybrid work environment after being fully remote.
Large house with enormous lawn

Clever names for your startup lawn care business

These are some clever names for a startup lawncare business.
home-interior-real estate

How to start a passive income business with a rental property

Here's how to go about starting a property rental business to earn passive income.

5 leadership tricks you can learn from Elon Musk

Here are 5 leadership lessons we can learn from Elon Musk.

Wedding event planning tips from experts

Get wedding planning tips and steps from industry experts
the best homework planners planner

Stop fighting remote work and make your employees happy

If your employees want to stay remote, here is why you should stop fighting them.

Chef titles explained

Learn what the difference between chef titles and cook titles is.
Man laughing on phone

How to transition back to the office after working from home

Here are tips for transitioning back to the office after being remote.
Open office space with desks and chairs

How to lease office space

We discuss the ins and outs of leasing office space for your business
Graphic designer working on a logo

How to choose the perfect brand logo design

When you're starting your own business, you need a logo design that will stand out. Our guide will help you choose one.
Two men in a construction site

Where to find construction workers

If you have a building project, we'll show you how and where to find construction workers.

Management lessons from Amazon’s union-busting scheme

We discuss the management lessons learned from Amazon and its controversial labor practices.

Use these steps when opening a restaurant

When you're opening up your restaurant, you should follow our steps to make it a success.
customer service skill man

Why customer service is important to a business

For any business, customer service is very important. We discuss why it's so vital.

How to calculate cash flow from financing

We show you how to calculate your cash flow from financing.
licensed wellness coach guide

What does a health and wellness coach do?

We go into detail on what a health and wellness coach does.
Figuring out your dream job

How to figure out what you want to do for a career

If you're thinking about starting a career, you need to discover what you want to do. We'll help you figure it out.
Cleaners clean empty office space

You need to know these office-cleaning tips

A clean office is a productive one. Follow our office-cleaning tips and techniques.
Employees giving presentation in office

How to arrange office furniture

Our handy guide shows you how to arrange office furniture

Skills you need to open your own carpentry business

When opening your own carpentry business, follow these skills that you need to thrive.
Happy female business owner

Why restaurant-industry research is important

We tell you why restaurant-industry research is so important.

What is the best way to get lawn-care customers?

When you're starting a lawn-care business, you need to get customers. We list the best way to acquire them.

How to gain leadership skills

To be a great boss, you need to gain leadership skills. We discuss how can develop them.
Two women calculating business funds

How to calculate your total cash flow

It's very important to calculate your total cash flow. Our guide shows you how.
Man working on new computers

It’s now much easier for Canadians and Mexicans to get high-paying jobs in the U.S.

A new work visa service will make it easy for non-Americans to secure US jobs.
Man working on new computers

How to create a Google Business listing

Follow our handy guide to create a Google business listing.

4 steps to getting a business loan

Any business needs a cash flow to begin or survive. Our guide helps you to secure a business loan.