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The best work pants for construction workers

The construction industry is a hardy, highly physical line of work. It requires durable, comfortable attire that holds up day after day under tough conditions. Construction workers rely on high-quality products that help them do their jobs successfully. Selecting the right work pants is one of the most important decisions that can make a difference in a day on the job.

It’s essential to find several good pairs of utility pants or jeans that you can rotate through each week and season, and keep in your wardrobe throughout the year. Here’s a sampling of top work pant brands that we recommend for construction workers.

Best construction work pants


The best utility pants are constructed from durable, comfortable material and have multiple pockets, which are a necessary feature so you can store your phone and keys, as well as writing utensils and small tools. Carhartt is a popular brand that’s known for attractive and sturdy clothing.

The company’s line of utility pants offers work dungaree pants with reinforced back and utility pockets. These pockets are strong enough to hold some frequently used tools so you can walk around and do your job without towing a toolbox. There’s also a loop where you can carry a hammer. How convenient.

Carhartt’s relaxed-fit work pants have larger cargo pockets with flaps and snap fasteners, which is very handy for larger tools. These pants are made with very strong fabric to prevent tears. The pockets are Cordura-lined and the pants are made with Ripstop fabric. There is also double-front construction, which is another feature that helps your pants withstand hazards and potential rips.


This brand is another solid choice that offers some appealing versions of work pants for construction workers. The Dickies work pant has tunnel belt loops that allow you to custom-fit the pants to your legs so you can move about comfortably. And these pants also offer the ever-important rear and back welt pockets with snap closures, allowing for convenient tool storage so you can be more mobile.

You will find that Dickies’ work pant fabric is also reinforced so the garment can resist potential tears. And there’s something special about this pant zipper–it’s a zip fly with hook and tab closure and ratcheting feature. This means the fly won’t break when it’s in a locked position. It ratchets down instead.

Dickies work pants are also easy to keep clean, and they look good, too. They are stain-resistant and chemically treated to prevent wrinkles. And how about when you return to work after the holidays and put on a couple of extra pounds? No worries. Dickies designs its work pants with expandable waistbands.

Speaking of expansion, Dickies loose-fit cargo work pants don’t cut off your circulation with a tight fit and allow for plenty of room around the thighs and knees. In a physical job, it’s important that your pants let you move around comfortably. This version, made from cotton twill, also has pleated cargo pockets, side-seam pockets, welted back pockets, and a button closure, which is more comfortable than a zipper.


Not everybody likes utility pants. Many construction workers are more accustomed to wearing jeans at work and believe they are more durable. Longtime American brand Wrangler sells the best construction work jeans that sport a relaxed fit with deep front pockets and inseams that are constructed for the active worker.

Wrangler’s jeans come in different colors and are made especially for carpenters who work construction, with custom tool pockets and patented durable denim that carries you through the most difficult jobs. There are strong reinforcements in areas that get the most wear, as well as a tape measure clip and hammer loop on the left leg.

Wrangler offers a variety of other work pants that are ideal for the needs of construction workers, with rip-proof fabric and other pocket types for cell phones, watches, and hammer toting. You can find them all on Amazon and compare the different specifications in their handy chart that lists all the different features.

These are some of our favorite brands and models of construction work pants. We hope you will try them out and agree with us that these choices hold up well under pressure.

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