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5 thoughtful gifts for employees with active kids

Sure, you can give your employees the standard catered lunch when you want to show appreciation, but that’s not very personal. Why not take an extra step by gifting them something thoughtful for their child?

As long as you feel comfortable doing so, giving an associate something for their little one shows you value and understand their life outside of work. It’s also one less thing for them to buy.

Kids are active and full of pent-up energy. That’s why any of these gifts would make a thoughtful, practical present for the caregivers in your company. They also make following an active grownup around that much easier, with the added plus that they keep youngsters warm and make them look adorable.

Your employees are probably used to getting things like gift cards and office supplies, so try surprising them with something thoughtful. Being a working parent is hard, and they’ll appreciate you recognizing that.

Not only will these gifts for active kids encourage play and exploration, but they’ll also keep little ones comfy as they discover the next wonder that’s waiting for them. And every time your employee sees their child having a blast wearing one of these accessories, they’ll think about how considerate and caring their boss is.

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