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Crafts to keep kids entertained while working from home

Sometimes, keeping little ones entertained while at work can seem like a job in itself. Between responding to coworkers, getting on scheduled meetings and videocalls, and finishing projects before the deadline, we need something to help our children be amused and stay occupied. Tap into their artistic side through arts and crafts. Below are five products that will keep your children busy and be an outlet for their paintings and masterpieces so you can answer that video call with ease.

Your children will stay busy during work and after hours with these arts and crafts. Whether it’s painting, building, or sewing, they will let your children’s imagination run wild and give them a space where they can express themselves in a creative and healthy way. These products can add to their collection or provide a new hobby they didn’t know they would love and can grow to become therapeutic for them in life.

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5 beauty products to keep you looking your best for work
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Okay, sure — we’d all probably prefer to work from home in our pajamas forever. But at some point, we all have to go back to the office, which means we all need to start wearing real pants again and actually… well, trying. The good news is, most employees feel far more productive when they show up for work looking ready to work. The bad news is, it does take a bit of effort to get back to looking one’s best after a year or two of working from home. To make that effort easier, here are five beauty products to keep you looking your best ahead of your return to the office.

Put your best face forward at the office this season with just a few handy tools and products. Whether your skin needs a deep hit of moisture or the rejuvenating effects of derma rolling, or you just need to clean up those eyebrows a bit, you can find a good solution for you on our list above. Who knows? You might just find that, once you look ready for the office, you feel ready for the office, too. 

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Entertainment for children as parents are working from home
home office baby friendly man working child

Nowadays parents are officially working from home. You want to be able to work at home with no distractions, noises, or messy surprises. You get to have your office space but sometimes you have to deal with distractions. Your child gets to learn science, art, and world-building. You are the parent who wants the best for your child and who works hard for your child. You want your child to receive education and food in their belly. You love to see your child enjoy learning new experiences out in nature, education, and fun activities. You want the items that helps keep your child busy while you are busy.

The five items listed above will give you the best ideas to make your child’s life more exciting while you work. Your child’s childhood will not last long, before you know it, they are growing up. You want what is best for your child and a day without distractions. The paintbrushes, binoculars, teepee tent, giraffe mirror, and swing brackets will give your child the entertainment they need while you work. Painting teaches your child art, exploring nature teaches your child to connect with nature, the giraffe mirror shows your newborn’s first reflection, and the swing brackets help your child build upper body strength. You can stay busy and continue to work.

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5 resources to consider adding to your office gym
exercise basics office gym man

As more and more business owners add fitness centers and gyms to their offices as part of employee wellness initiatives, they come up against a quandary. What does one actually put into an office gym? How do you walk the line of creating an economical space, but still providing a fitness area that employees actually want to use? While you may not want to outfit your office gym with all the latest and greatest workout equipment, you do want to ensure you include the basics — things like free weights, exercise balls, and resistance bands, for example. To fill in the rest of the gaps, these five resources can help.

Getting your team to workout is easier when you give them the tools to do so. Beyond just setting aside a room in your office as a workout space and outfitting it with some standard equipment, make getting started actually easier for your team, with some guided instructions. There’s no need to bring in a pricey employee health consultant, though. These resources do the trick on a small business budget, offering your employees a wide range of activities, to fit a wide range of fitness levels, so that there’s never an excuse to not take advantage of this valuable employee perk.

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