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5 must-haves for the professional violinist

Many people mistakenly believe that a career as a violinist isn’t viable. The fact that one doesn’t tend to hear about classical musicians in general, let alone violinists, in today’s pop culture is part of the reason. Another is that the modern world often considers classical music as an extracurricular, not something to be pursued at the professional level. Unless you’re the next Yo-Yo Ma of the violin world, according to this view, you’re better off picking an instrument like the guitar or the bass.

Fortunately, the truth is that becoming a professional violinist is still possible, and it remains a worthy vocational path. As evidence, here are some products that will jump-start the career path of any who aspire to play the violin as more than just a hobby.

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To be clear, those who pursue professional violin-playing will face unique challenges. The violinist’s employment options, for instance, would not be as expansive as those of a typical white-collar worker –  symphony orchestras, high-end venues, or private individuals would be the main employers. Similarly, the audience for violin music is markedly smaller now than in centuries past. However, as the above products demonstrate, the path of the career violinist still exists, and it can be a fruitful one when pursued diligently. With the right tools and the right mindset, a violin can earn not only applause but a dedicated income as well.

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