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Tweezer sets every esthetician should have on hand

Any esthetician worth their salt will have an arsenal of tried and true tools at their disposal at any given moment. That includes things like small towels, unscented baby wipes, gloves, and of course — tweezers.

If you’re interested in becoming a skincare professional, wax specialist, facialist, or any number of career paths in this field, you’ll find yourself constantly reaching for a set of tweezers. That’s why it’s vital to keep several pairs on hand with particular sets devoted to specific tasks, like one for blackhead removal, another for facial hair cleanup, and one for getting at pesky ingrowns. Here are five sets that’ll have you prepared for whatever a client throws your way.

Tweezers are the kind of versatile tool you’d want with you on a desert island since they’re handy for an almost infinite number of tasks. This is something experienced estheticians know all too well. But when you’re just starting out, they may seem like something you don’t have to put much thought into — until you get a pair with a dull edge and weak grip.

Avoid headaches by arming yourself with the most precise tools for the job. You’ll find a really high-quality pair of tweezers practically does the work for you. All you have to do is keep your clients from “accidentally” taking them home.

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