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Handy items every ukulele teacher should have on hand

So you’ve decided to share your skills with musically-inclined students looking to learn one of the most enjoyable instruments out there. Well done! Not only is the ukulele easier to learn than many other stringed instruments, but it’s also accessible to a variety of students of different ages and backgrounds.

That’s because ukes tend to be more affordable, use soft nylon strings that don’t hurt like guitar strings do, and have compact bodies that allow learners to reach the notes better. That gives teachers a solid foundation to build off. And with the right accessories, thoughtful lesson plans, and plenty of patience, your students will come back to you again and again.

Music instruction is an enriching career path if you’re patient, understanding, and willing to work odd hours to suit your students’ schedules. You’ll also need to market yourself and understand different learning styles and attitudes, but it’s well worth the effort once you’ve established your business.

While it can be hard to stand out from the pack, having a few thoughtful accessories with you during lessons can help you separate yourself from other instructors while creating a better experience for your client.

Why your small business should have an accountant
Businessperson counting money on a table

You probably go to the doctor when you've got a cough or unexplained pain in your abdomen. You might also go to an attorney when you need to have an expert opinion on contract details. In the same way, you get yourself an accountant when you need operational or strategic advice when it comes to financial issues concerning your small business.

You may be great at handling customers, and you likely know the ins and outs of your specific industry. However, there's a high likelihood that you aren't the world's best at doing your company's taxes or crunching your business's financial numbers. That's why hiring an accountant for a small business to take care of those things is a wise decision.

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Why customer service matters
Woman holding sign saying, "thank you"

To put things succinctly, customers have a choice. Never make the mistake of believing that your company is their sole option for whatever service or product you offer. If your customer service isn't up to par, they can always go somewhere they feel appreciated. The end.

Just kidding.

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How your cleaning service can get repeat customers fast
Man cleaning a floor

To grow your company, you're going to need repeat customers. There are a few different ways to attract and acquire customers. However, it will be hard to grow your company if you only get a customer one time, and that individual never purchases from you again. As the famous marketer Jay Abraham is fond of pointing out, there are only three ways to increase revenue and grow your business:

Increase the number of people who buy from you
Increase the number of times people buy from you
Increase your prices

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