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5 essentials every assisted living facility should have

Aging is a natural part of life. While many people rely on friends and family members to care for them as they age, others find that assisted living facilities are an affordable and safe lifestyle choice. Fortunately, working with seniors can be a fulfilling job. You might find that the relationships that you create with seniors become mutually beneficial. You can learn a lot from them as they share their wisdom and experience, while they get to experience a greater sense of belonging and purpose. If you work with seniors, you might consider trying some fun bonding activities to encourage personal development and increase self-esteem. Here is a list of some products that you can use together to create lasting memories:

Like any job, there are challenges. You might find yourself tired after a long day of working or you might become overwhelmed by a temperamental resident. However, for many people who work with the elderly, the good outweighs the bad. You can learn a lot from older generations who have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. Many seniors struggle with feelings of loneliness and isolation due to the loss of a spouse or children who have grown up and become busy with their jobs and families. Oftentimes, those who work with the elderly play a great part in their journey towards healing by filling in as new friends and chosen family members. With the help of some of these products, you can brighten a senior’s day by partaking in fun projects that form lasting memories. For uplifting activities that you both will enjoy, try out some of these products available on Amazon.

5 useful accessories for your work phone
Smart phone with social media icons

It's not uncommon for an entrepreneur or freelancer to keep a separate cell phone for their business. From posting to your company's social media and taking reference photos to customer service and client communication, having a different phone is often seen as just another necessary expense. It's also easier to keep all your ducks in a row, prevent a mixup between personal and professional details, and establish an explicit work-life boundary.

And just like with your personal phone, a few practical accessories are a must for a smooth experience. Not only will you want to protect your investment, but you'll also want to streamline your daily workload. The following five accessories can help with that.

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5 tools your office needs to make pour-over coffee
morning habits leaders coffee break at workplace  woman typing on laptop and holding

Make your biz the envy of the building with the newest craze in office break room amenities — pour-over coffee. These filter coffees are prepared by pouring hot water over ground beans and allowing it to flow through them before filling your mug or carafe. This customizable coffee brewing method creates a unique depth of flavor and provides a refreshing pick-me-up that is fun and on trend. It's easy enough that even someone who has never brewed coffee before can do so successfully — as long as they have the right tools. Check out this list of essential tools to add to your break room so you can create a perfect pour-over.

The perfect pour over coffee is just a few steps away! With these five essential tools, you can create great beginner set up to make excellent tasting pour overs at work. It'll be hard for your coworkers not want in on the action when they see how easy it looks with this kit — and it won't be long until everyone loves their morning brew again.

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5 essential supplies for your gig or studio audio hookup
the best 6ft micro usb cables cable 6 ft

Certain essentials in a professional music set-up that make or break a gig. Sure, when lead guitar steps up for an epic solo, our ears tend to go there. But what makes that shredding possible—and crisply audible—is the back-end stuff: the long wires, the speakers, the amps, pedal boards and other kinds of audio equipment that make up the world behind the sound. So whether you’re a working musician or a passionate player, you know it’s easy to get lost in the craft, but it’s essential to make sure your set-up is complete. Here are five products to get you there.

Whether it’s thick-jacketed cable wiring, microphone mounts, or a pedal board kit with pancake style cables, the nuts and bolts of sound require a lot of gear. Writing and practicing is essential, but it's impotant to remember: your gear wears down over time. If you’re a working musician or are looking to refresh your home or work studio with some affordable, decent gear, supplies like these will keep the sound coming clear.

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