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5 useful accessories for your work phone

It’s not uncommon for an entrepreneur or freelancer to keep a separate cell phone for their business. From posting to your company’s social media and taking reference photos to customer service and client communication, having a different phone is often seen as just another necessary expense. It’s also easier to keep all your ducks in a row, prevent a mixup between personal and professional details, and establish an explicit work-life boundary.

And just like with your personal phone, a few practical accessories are a must for a smooth experience. Not only will you want to protect your investment, but you’ll also want to streamline your daily workload. The following five accessories can help with that.

Certain accessories are helpful for various jobs, whether you’re a traveling makeup artist, outdoor event organizer, or personal trainer. Make life easier by equipping your work phone with items that protect it, keep it accessible, and ensure you have all the necessities you need at a given moment.

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