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6 food truck ideas to get your business rolling

We all remember hearing the ice cream truck driving through our neighborhood as kids. The level of excitement hearing the music throughout the neighborhood as it navigated up and down the streets was undeniable. Although ice cream trucks have been around for decades, the food industry has taken more prominent notice of this foodservice business model due to their highly profitable potential. 

Food trucks have brought a new mobile aspect to the restaurant industry. They provide a more straightforward approach for people who want to break into the restaurant industry without a brick-and-mortar restaurant location. If you have a passion for food and cuisine plus wish to dive into the industry while on a budget, then a food truck business will be for you. On that account, let’s look into 6 different food truck ideas for your business that will set you up for great success.

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Best food truck ideas


Burgers are not only an all-American classic, but also they are a food truck favorite. Burgers are simple, delicious, and easy to produce for a food truck business. They also provide a low overhead cost menu concept for your food truck business. Burgers generally only require a type of bun, a form of ground meat, cheese, and condiments. The value of burgers as a food truck menu approach is that you can get as creative or gourmet as you wish with the menu options to sell to customers. 

Gourmet grilled cheese

Grilled cheese is a favorite comfort food for many people. In addition, grilled cheese is a relatively simple ingredient dish to make. It requires solely two main components, bread and cheese. Having a grilled cheese concept for your food truck will make your customers expect a bit more than just bread and cheese. Therefore, if you want to make this simple dish even greater and sell it to customers, go for a gourmet grilled cheese food truck. You’ll not only have a smaller overhead food cost ratio, but it can also be a foodie favorite for many. 


Various people often crave a good slice of pizza. Pizza is a good option for a food truck menu concept because it also has low overhead expenses. Utilizing pizza as your food truck cuisine idea, you can also get as creative as you want with topping choices aside from your dough, sauce, and cheese options. Pizza versus other menu options allows you to get more imaginative about serving this type of food menu to maximize your profitability potential. For example, a pizza food truck will enable you the opportunity to sell a whole pizza, personal pan pizzas, or pizza by the slice, all depending on the demand and the food cost associated with this type of menu.

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Mexican fare options

Tacos, burritos, and nachos are not just a fast-food favorite but also a food truck favorite. Due to the ease of ingredients and transportability, Mexican fare is a hit among food truck lovers. These menus typically can be low in food prices to make, low maintenance to prepare, and require little space to store ingredients. Additionally, Mexican favorites like tacos and burritos can be performed great and still be quite delicious with just a few and fresh ingredients. Your food truck’s simplicity and creativity with this type of cuisine menu can be a regular hit with customers. 

Delightful desserts

All sweet tooth fanatics will agree that there is always room for dessert. Dessert is a menu concept that is popular for many food trucks as well as their customers. Aside from ice cream trucks, there is more to a dessert food truck than just one dessert variety. Desserts allow you to develop a whole menu encompassing sweets. From cakes and pies to more decadent sweet faves, desserts will enable you to get sweetly creative with minimal food expenses. Furthermore, many dessert options can be produced ahead of time to serve your food truck for patrons. This menu concept for your food truck can help save time and space when your food truck is open and serves customers.

Local cuisine picks

All over the world, food can differ between regions and countries. Especially in America, we are defined by our local cuisine. Philly has their cheesesteaks, Chicago has their deep-dish pizza, and even the gooey butter cake made famous from St. Louis. Implementing the local food scene as your food truck menu not only made it about the food and cuisine but about your local community. Your food truck business is a part of your local community, so incorporating the favorite local cuisine will promote more local success for your business. 

A food truck can be a wonderful business, especially given the low overhead costs and variety of foods you can specialize in. Which one will you choose?

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