8 creative landscaping business names

When thinking of starting a landscaping business, will you make all the right moves to get it off the ground? Your first step, of course, before getting things off the ground is to settle on what you want to call your business. You’ll want to pick a creative landscape company name so that your brand stands out before you even tend to your first lawn and other landscaping needs. As of 2021, there are more than 604,000 landscaping businesses throughout the country. The competition is fierce as far as choosing a name that resonates with customers. 

Creative landscaping business names

Your landscaping business name choice can leave you to prosper or falter. So, what if you came up with a boring name for your business? Do you think you will get many people remembering you, or for that matter, recommending you to others? What if the company name is too simplistic and many people forget it? While you want an easy name for consumers to remember, being too simplistic can make them fall asleep.
For example, Bob’s Landscaping Service is not exactly going to inspire potential customers. Another yawner would be Jim’s Grass Cutting Service. You can hear people nodding off all over the place. Yes, having a recognizable landscaping name is as important as anything else you do.
Unless you plan on focusing on only one aspect of landscaping, leave the name open to variations of work. That way, you are not stuck on simply grass cutting, planting, and so on. As your business grows, you might start offering additional services, so the last thing you’ll want is to limit yourself with a name that’s too specific. With that in mind, here are some creative landscaping company name ideas to get you thinking about what might be a good starting point to shape your brand.

A to Z Landscaping Services

Such a name leaves a little bit of mystery about your landscaping business. Do you cover it all from A to Z? That can lead many consumers to do some more investigating of your website, social media pages, business app, and so on.

Above and Below Landscaping

This name will give consumers the idea you do a wide variety of landscaping services. That can be cutting grass, trimming shrubs, planting flowers, irrigation, and more.

Cut Above the Rest

Being confident in your business is never a bad thing. Let consumers know you believe your landscaping talents outdo the competition with a name like Cut Above the Rest.

Garden of Eden Landscaping Services

What homeowner or business owner wouldn’t want a Garden of Eden when it comes to their property? Your business could get a customer’s brain thinking about all the possibilities they might have when it comes to their landscaping needs.

Ground Control Landscaping

Let consumers know your landscaping operating has everything under control and is a business they can count on every minute of the day you are on their property.

Landscaping Paradise

Many with landscaping needs feel like their properties are the most important ones. As such, let them know your services can create a paradise for them to be proud of.

Lawn Back and Relax

Give customers that feeling of relaxation in knowing you have their landscaping needs covered. All they have to do is make an appointment and pay you at the appropriate time. Can it be any easier than that?

Root of the Problem

Whether grass not taking hold, weeds out of control, bushes not growing, small animals making a mess of your yard and more, you will get to the root of the problem. Make it clear to those needing landscaping services that you have the answers to their yard needs.
These are but a few of the many landscaping business names you could consider coming up with. Before you settle on a name, however, be sure to check and make sure there isn’t another business that has the same name trademarked. The last thing you’ll want is to kick off your landscaping business and wind up in legal trouble. 
A good name, great service, and appreciation of your customers can allow you to make the cut in the landscaping business. Start with a winning name and further your success from there.

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