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Groovy microphone cords and accessories for DJs and studio owners

The excitement! The anticipation! There’s nothing quite like the euphoria of live sound! There is some basic equipment you need for live sound to be as incredible as it’s meant to, microphone cables being one of the key components. Audio engineers rely on these cables and need to have a system in place to ensure superior sound and to make setup easy and hassle-free. Working with live sound requires a certain level of organizational know-how, including remembering to always have a few backup cords on hand and making sure the cables are stored properly when not in use. XLR cables, most often used for microphones, come in varying sizes and lengths and we’ve compiled a list for beginners to those who have been working with live sound for a while.

Whether you own a studio or work as a DJ, these mic cables and accessories can meet your needs. Do you require a set of short 2-foot cables or would a customizable 300-foot spool be better suited to your circumstances? Are you looking for adapters so you can alter cables you already have? From the stage to the studio and everything in between, these items are sure to have you covered!

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