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Market research

9010 the best small led lights light

Groovy microphone cords and accessories for DJs and studio owners

A list of useful microphone cords and accessories for people in the music industry
the best floor lamps with reading lights lamp light

Child-friendly instruments for the on-site child care center at work

Research graphic on computer screen

Why online market research tools will help your business

market research roofing business percentage marketing strategy concept

Why market research matters for your roofing business

Research graphic on computer screen

The best market research tools under $25

Businesspeople doing market research

What are the different types of market research?

Market research business graphic

How to conduct market research for a new business

Happy female business owner

Why restaurant market research matters

Waitress talking to customer

How to start a small restaurant or food cart

Woman looking at clothes in a store

3 market research methods for retail businesses

Smiling female business owner

How to do market research before starting a business

Cheerful food truck owner

Going fast: How to quickly write a business plan to start a food truck

Cash flow projections meeting

How to finance a startup business

Have a great idea -- but no cash? We'll tell you how to finance your startup the right way.
Data-driven revenue graphic

How to analyze sales data to optimize growth

Income is awesome, but making sense of where it comes from (and why) is important. Here's how to analyze sales data.
Businessman writing business plan

How to write a real estate business plan

Starting a new real estate business? Here's everything you need to know about writing your first business plan.
Two men working on construction site

How to lay out your business plan for a construction startup

Your new construction business needs more than customers. Here's how to write your first business plan.
Layout of brand colors for a company

How to choose brand colors for your startup

Your startup's color scheme should be stylish and relative to your industry. Here's how to choose the right colors for your business.
Female MMA fighter training

How to open a gym and capitalize on the MMA craze

Whether you want a standard gym or something more unique for an MMA audience, we'll tell you how to open a gym.
Businesspeople doing market research

The best free market-research tools

You can do your own market research for free -- and these are the best tools we've found that help you get the job done.
Man looking at information on whiteboard

The benefits of market research for SMBs

Why your small or medium-sized business should invest time -- and a bit of money -- into market research.