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Child-friendly instruments for the on-site child care center at work

On-site child care is beneficial to everyone involved – the children, the employees, and the company itself. On-site child care is a perk that makes working outside of the home when you have little ones easier. Less than 10% of companies offer that perk but for the ones that do, the benefits are enormous. If you want a company full of great employees, then investing in them and their needs is a critical component. A company that offers this perk is more desirable than one that does not for a plethora of reasons. On-site child care reduces tardiness and absenteeism, improves productivity, and makes employees feel valued. This allows employees a healthy balance between work and home life and is advantageous to all.

We’ve put together a list of child-friendly instruments to add to the child care center at your office that the kids will love. Some are for wee little ones, and some for kids that are a little older. These instruments are sure to add dancing, joy, and laughter to the kiddos’ day while mom and dad are at work. After all, what could be more fun than a dance party at the office?

When your company is one that offers on-site child care, you will be sought after by top talent. People are more likely to prosper when they feel valued, and for many working parents, knowing that their little ones are safe in the same building as them during the workday is a benefit unlike any other. If the child care center is fun, kids will want to return again and again. Happy kids = happy parents = happy employees! 

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