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Why market research matters for your roofing business

The construction industry is one industry that is always in demand. From residential to commercial, there is no shortage of need for construction industry-related businesses. One of those businesses is the roofing business. The roofing business is always in demand, from new construction to replacing existing roofs because a roof is one of the common critical parts of a building’s structural integrity. 

There is no real shortage of work for roofing businesses; therefore, it can seem lucrative to start your own roofing business yourself. Aside from a stable business plan for your roofing, you will need to conduct more in-depth roofing market research for your business. Conducting market research for your roofing company will set you apart from the competition and promote more tremendous success for your business. Keeping this in mind, let’s discuss the practical reasons and purposes on why market research matters while starting your business. 

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Market research defines the type of roofing trends in your service area

In your roofing business, your target market will determine what type of roofing trends are within that market. As part of your market research, you will need to decide what styles and types of roofs alongside roofing material choices are a part of your target market. For instance, different areas of the United States require different styles and types of roofing on structures based on the weather and topography of that geographical area. In addition, you will need to decide if you want to focus your market on residential, commercial, or both roofing industries. The research you conduct based on the target market roofing styles and trends will develop your niche for your roofing business and provide you a better understanding of how to price your roofing business services to clients. 

It confirms potential competitors of your business

Unless you are conducting market research in a much more rural or remote area, you will need to research potential roofing business competitors. Depending on the type of market trends for roofing businesses in your area, focus on the competitors that fit most closely matched your chosen business niche. Narrowing in on more closely matched competitors allows you to focus on where you can set your roof business apart from your competition. For example, if you focus on residential roofing, you should not be conducting market research on commercial roofing as these are still different target roofing markets. You will understand your closest potential business competition matters for setting your roofing up for great success. 

Market research establishes the potential client base for your business

Your customer base is what will drive the demand of your business. The potential customers in your target market service area will also steer the direction of your roofing business. Performing market research on your customer base is essential when establishing the start of your roofing business. There are several factors to consider and inquiries to address when doing market research of your potential client base for your roofing business. Here are some queries to think about when conducting market research of the customer base in your possible service area:

  1. What are the dominant types of structures that would need your roofing business? Is there a more significant customer base for residential roofing or commercial roofing?
  2. What is the average age of the building structures in your service area? Is there a greater need for roof replacement or repair services in your target market?
  3. What is the approximate amount of homes in your possible service area? Is there enough of a potential customer demand to sustain a full-time roofing business
  4. What is the economic data of the potential service market you intend to establish your roofing business within? What are the average income, age, and demographic of your target customer base?

It is necessary to establish what type of clients and customers you intend on working with for your roofing business as part of your market research. Answering these queries as part of your market research will help you determine the customer base and pricing you want to market for your roofing business. 

Performing market research for your business is essential for any sustainable roofing business plan. Be sure you make your market research the primary subject matter of that plan. Furthermore, it will also allow you to better understand the market roofing trends and the customer base of your service area. Additionally, it can also provide you quality pricing strategies and service opportunities that can set you apart from the competition and drive more roofing business to you. 

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