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6 morning habits of successful business leaders

Mornings are a significant part of the day. From the moment you wake up, you can design the day to meet your desires. If you happen to find yourself waking up with feelings such as dissatisfaction and overwhelm to begin your day, it can set things off on a sour note. Having a reliable morning routine and habits is a practice that can help you start off with a positive tone for the day. Having good morning habits can set the productivity vibe for the rest of your day as well. No wonder many of the most successful leaders and CEOs have productive habits that they stick by every morning. Because of this, let’s look into six successful morning habits that business leaders utilize to thrive in their day. 

Abandon the alarm clock or set a wake-up time

A common misconception is that you should set specific alarms and get up when they go off, but that does not always work for everyone. Many of the most successful leaders do not use a physical alarm clock instead of their internal body clock. Namely, successful leaders such as Oprah and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos have ditched their daily alarm clocks and wake up naturally every day. 

Waking up naturally is not an easy task for a multitude of people. Whether or not you grapple with waking up in the morning, attempting to train your body to wake naturally can seem challenging, but it is not impossible. If you want to train your body to wake naturally like successful leaders, you can invest in a sunrise alarm clock. These types of clocks are an illumination clock that mimics the light of a sunrise which can promote natural waking versus a stark alarm to wake up toward.

Begin your day with water first

The majority of people believe that a cup of brew is the best way to start the day. While coffee is a standard way that many individuals start their day, many health experts state that water is better than coffee as your first drink of the day. For instance, actress Cameron Diaz believes that starting your day with several glasses of water to refresh herself is part of her morning ritual. Given your body can lose water constantly, starting your morning with the habit of having at least a glass of water can rejuvenate you and help you feel more confident and prepared for the day ahead.

Become disciplined to move your body in the morning

Many successful leaders have developed the morning habit of ensuring they move their bodies as part of their morning routine. Exercise releases endorphins within the body, which can set your day up for better happiness and success for your morning habits. Our mind and body work together to complete our overall health profile. Therefore moving your body as part of your morning routine is imperative to create better productivity and positivity for your day. Whether you decide to walk or complete a whole workout routine as part of your morning habit, exercise is a crucial part of leaders.

Create time to embrace some solitude, peace, and gratitude

Beginning your day with a moment of silence and gratitude can start your day off on a peaceful note. Following a meditation practice or simply sitting in stillness for several minutes as a morning habit can create a purposeful morning. Sitting in silence can help you lower your stress and anxiety levels while turning your attention inward to establish a clear mindset for the rest of your day. Countless successful leaders, such as Tony Robbins, take the time to sit in silence to express peace and gratitude as part of their morning habits.

Do something for yourself

If you wish to begin your morning in the right setting, aim to do something that brings you happiness, boosts your confidence levels, or helps you relax. Doing something for yourself is not selfish but can put you forward toward your best self. You can also aim to do something to stimulate your mind to promote greater productivity in your morning habits. Whether doing something for yourself includes reading, writing, or self-care practices integrating this into your morning habits, many successful leaders do this.

Plan and set the intention of the day

Once you go through the majority of your morning habits, you will also want to plan and set the day’s intention. Setting intention for the day is prioritizing what is going to be essential pieces to your day. Setting intention can also be selecting and planning goals to achieve throughout the day to increase productivity for your day. Success leaders such as Steve Jobs would set the intention for the day by asking himself if it were the last day of his life, would he want to do what he planned to do that day. Successful leaders understand that time is a precious thing in life, so they make it a habit to set positive plans and intentions for their day. 

Adapting positive morning habits will help you in more ways than one, both in your personal life and in your business. Find a routine that works for you, stick to it, and watch success unfold.

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