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5 items for perfect whipped cream at your restaurant

Whether you own a cafe or dessert eatery, having perfect whipped cream can make a huge difference. From desserts to coffee, using a whipped cream dispenser allows you to make the finishing touches with a new level of professionalism. Having a dispenser on hand for fresh whipped cream is one way to show your customers that you care. 

To ensure that you deliver the perfect whipped cream at your restaurant, make sure that your whipped cream dispenser is in its best shape. By preparing your employees and your restaurant with replacement parts, you can guarantee perfect whipped cream every single time.

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Giving customers perfect whipped cream every time can be a breeze as long as you keep you whipped cream dispenser at its best. By investing in replacement parts, you can ensure the longevity of your dispenser while keeping both your employees and customers happy. From ice cream to cappuccinos, flourishing desserts and drinks with that whipped topping shows that you care. 

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Stocking up for the company’s kitchen-style break room
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In many offices, employees are looking to upgrade their lunch hour even on the days where they eat at work. That's why stocking up on a few kitchen-style items can make a big difference in helping them feel more comfortable and appreciated. It doesn't take much money or room to make the break room a little more user friendly.

A paper towel holder might seem like a little thing, but it makes the break room feel more like a kitchen or dining area, allowing staffers to feel more at home and more able to feel free to bring in food choices that they would consider at home. The same goes for a cutting board, so they can cut up their fresh fruits and vegetables. The productivity and the employee morale can turn for the better with a few break room upgrades.

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Kitchen tools to strengthen your catering business
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A career in the catering industry is typically heavily service-oriented. When catering, it’s important that your customers receive fresh, quality food and beverages in a timely manner. Because caterers are often hired by customers for scheduled special events, they usually require lots of planning and preparation. Still, accidents can happen. Garnishes may be forgotten, meats can be overcooked and side dishes sometimes burn but you can lower the risk of this happening with the help of some quality kitchen tools. If you’re a caterer and want to learn how to make the most of your next catering event, you might consider incorporating some of these useful products into how you work:

Though it would seem so, providing delicious food or beverages to customers isn’t the driving factor behind a successful catering business. To set your catering business apart from the others, it’s also important to focus on yourself and your employees. Having useful kitchen tools for preparing, cooking, and serving food is just as important as the food itself. With the help of some of the products listed, you can increase productivity among staff. From an apron that can preserve the integrity of company uniforms to a cooking sheet set that can act as a baking pan and cooling rack, these items are great for maximizing your work time.

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5 Essential items for office parties
how to get a liquor license wall bar

Productivity is crucial at the office, but so is building chemistry. An office party can be a way to bond without looking at spreadsheets or talking shop.
Happy hours are a popular way to spend time with colleagues outside of the office, but having a few items in-house can allow you to raise a glass as soon as the clock strikes 5. Parties don’t have to involve alcohol, either. There are plenty of options for booze-free parties whether you’re a dry office (no shame), are supporting a colleague in sobriety, or simply want to have fun in a different way. Dessert soirees and cheese and charcuterie nights make for delicious options.

Office parties serve as a way to get to know one another outside of the 9-to-5(ish) grind. People can let loose and let their guards down a bit, and it can build chemistry within the business. Happy hours are a tried-and-true option, and for a good reason — they’re fun. Cocktail shakers and whiskey stones set the stage for a buzz-worthy affair. However, alcohol-free options are also on the table. Serve up a delicious cheese and charcuterie board with multiple options to expand your staff’s palettes, or play to their sweet tooths with a cake even when it’s no one’s birthday. Make it fun and creative, and your employees will be toasting to you.

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