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How to tie a garbage bag so it never slips

One of the most frustrating things in the world can be tossing something into a garbage can, only for the bag to slip from the edges and collapse into the dim, smelly darkness. While some garbage bag brands claim that their antislip technologies help, they can never seem to stand up to heavy objects.
Luckily, people have gotten creative and figured out the best ways to tie a garbage bag, so it never slips again. To prevent the extremely gross task of digging out filled trash bags from the bottom of the bin, you can try one or more of the following methods to keep trash bags from slipping.

Tie a knot

Place the bag inside of the trash bin. Then stretch the bag over the lip of the bin, like you would do in any other situation. Make sure the bag is big enough to reach the bottom of the bin and has extra length at the top.

Gather the excess bag. Pull the extra part of the bag to one side, as if you were giving the trash can a ponytail.

Tie the knot. With the excess bag pulled together, tie a tight knot to ensure the garbage bag is secured tightly around the lip of the trash can. Then, tuck the knot underneath to create an even tighter hold.

And that’s it! You will most likely need to practice it a few times to determine the best place to tie the bag. Remember to use a bag that is larger than the trash can, so you have enough bag surface to tie the knot. The tying method does not require any other materials and can be great for on-the-go needs.

tying a garbage bag

Try binder clips

Place the bag into the trash bin. Pull the edges over the lip of the bin so that the garbage bag is just touching the bottom of the trash can.

Secure the edges. To secure the edges of the bag, put binder clips on the lip of the bin.

The binder clips will act as a glue and hold your garbage bag in place. No slipping or knot tying needed. Large binder clips are best for this task. They are sturdy, strong, and easy to remove when it is time to take out the trash. 

Extra-large rubber bands

Place the bag into the trash bin. Pull the edges over the lip of the bin so that the garbage bag is just touching the bottom of the trash can.

Secure the edges. Take an extra-large rubber band and wrap it around the entire lip of the trash can so the garbage bag is locked in between the can and the rubber band.

The rubber band works similarly to the binder clips and will hold your garbage bag in place. You can avoid slipping with this trick, but you just need to find some extra-large rubber bands. Rubber bands can also be replaced with a bungee cord if you have one.

When it comes to landscaping or on-the-job sites, tying your trash bags around the can is the best option. This method does not require any added materials and ensures that your garbage bag will remain in place every time. It is important to consider the size and shape of your trash can, as well. The size and shape will help you choose a bag that will better fit and help it stay in place. For the tying method, you need a bag that is slightly larger than the garbage can. A larger bag will give you the wiggle room needed to tie a sturdy, tight knot. Now that you have the knowledge of how to tie a garbage bag that doesn’t risk slipping, you can throw away trash with peace of mind. Use these approaches in your home or office, too. These methods will surely impress and inspire those who need them.

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