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The best clear garbage bags for easily sorting trash

Some clear trash bags come in different translucent colors. Most commonly, you’ll find them in a blue tint, though that may make them ineligible for certain clear garbage bag initiatives. Check in with your community leader to see if the bags you purchase will fit within the clear trash bag guidelines. Reduce waste and increase recycling efforts with these clear bags.

Trash bags do not have to be used only for trash purposes. Many people use clear garbage bags as a recycling measure because they can easily see and sort recyclables. Others use them for storage in places like the shed or garage, allowing them to see the stored item while keeping it free of dust and debris. Clear garbage bags function the same as non-clear garbage bags, so consider purchasing one type to use for all purposes.

Glad Large Clear Drawstring Trash Bag

Best Overall

An overall great contender for a clear trash bag would be the Glad Large Drawstring bags with a translucent blue color. These bags have the bonus of being accepted by some recycling, yard waste, and clear trash programs in different cities. The drawstring makes it easy for you to add a tight grip around your trash can and makes for simple removal when cinching off the drawstring and tying it up. If your household has a large demand for a bag that can handle a large household’s trash or a mountain of recyclables, you can depend on this clear drawstring trash bag.

Hefty Recycling Tall Kitchen Trash Bags

Best Scent-Free

The Hefty Recycling Tall Kitchen clear trash bags are the only tall kitchen bags that feature an odor-control technology that features the scent-free Arm & Hammer odor neutralizer. These clear bags are meant for lighter loads like recyclables. The Hefty bags still come with their famous drawstring closure that makes for a dependable seal, and the patented plastic design keeps the bag tough and well-constructed.

Hippo-Sak Handle Trash Bags

Best Reinforced Bottom

A big worry about bigger garbage loads is the possibility of the bottom dropping out due to heavy trash. Worry not, though, because the Hippo-Sak Handle Trash Bag has got you covered. These trash bags are outfitted with a strong 1.02-millimeter film for protection against holes, leaks, and tears. The bottom is reinforced with a PowerStrip that makes the seam 10x stronger than other brands. The handles are four-ply reinforced, so you can tug and carry the bag around without the fear of the handles giving out.

Being able to see the contents of trash bags ensures that they can be sorted properly by trash collectors. It also keeps you and the collectors safe — by seeing what’s inside each bag, you can avoid injury. Support local efforts to curb waste and get yourself some clear garbage bags.

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